Songbook Number Three

The lyrical musings of Kevin Mitchell featuring Darren Knott et al, 13 December 1984 — 25 September 1987.


A Case Of...(L&D)
A Hard Rain (Has Started To Fall)
And The Battle That Never Happened
Apologies To Jamie Reid

Baby Blue
Barbie Briquette
Be Seeing You

Cheer Up Girl

Daddy Man
(Did She) Close Her Eyes (As I Did)
Do What You Do

Eat The Rich

Friends And Lovers

I Can't Be Bothered

Jealous Minds

Kalahari Katz
Keeping Up With The Jones'

Life In A Vacuum

Masked Talent
My Life Lately

New Kind Of Psychosis
No Life Left
Nobody Told Me
No Wave
Not Just An Image

Our England
Our Song

Platonic Prostitution

Rent Boy Whore
Romancing The Stick

Secret Partner
She's Got It
Spin And Take
Stand On Your Own
Stick Factory Blues
Strip Show Rover
Sus The Tricksters

(Thanks) Sanity Rabbit
The Big Town
The Black Caverns
The Deciever
The Fool
The Greatest Story Ever Told
The Pleasure Queen
The Smell Of Revenge
The Time Has Come
The Two Together (A Joint Effort) Time Doesn't Wait
Three Roses (The Bloodied Thorn)
Tin God
Trust Is) One Thing (But Faith...)

Was It A Fault Of My Own?
Welcome To My Nightmare
Welcome To My Nightmare (Part Two?)
When It Happened
Who Writes This Rubbish Anyway
Why Do You Do It To Me?
Within These Walls


Friends And Lovers

Anyone who had a heart
Knows how it can be broken
The sweet caress, the softest kiss
Those tender words are spoken

A new experience for one and all - love's call
From out of the darkness
Comes a bright light to follow
A new joy to share
And I'll be there with you

When friends become lovers
Nevermore to look at others
May they stay that way forever
And find a place in Heaven together
And never - never, never let it be said
That love is dead

I love you
And don't you ever forget it
And in spite of all you do
My love for you will never die
I won't let it

Poeple may come and go
But feelings stay the same
Am I unique? you wonder
Or is it just part of the game
That life's become
Under the thumb

What else could be better?

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Not Just An Image*

It doesn't matter what clothes you wear
It doesn't alter the inside
Don't rely on the colour of your hair
When it's all in the mind

And it's all been said before
Yes, it's all been said before
Not just an image to be ignored

It may be fun to change your looks
Just to be recognised
Don't take any notice of the fashion books
They'll take you for a ride

There's an image for you
An image for me
An image to hide what you don't want us to see

You ignore what the others say
And just be yourself
You'll come round to it one day
Without any help

Stop and think about what you do
And how you want to look
If you back away from the real you
You'll never tear up that book

So you want to even up the score
But there's that feeling you can't ignore
Not just an image...

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Time Doesn't Wait

What do you do
When all your heroes are dead,
When ambitions are out of reach
And nothing's left to feed your head?
Do you stand up and think for yourself
Or sit down and vegetage?
You'd better make your decision boy
Before it's too late
Because time doesn't wait

Time waits for no man
You get a little older every day
And all that you've achieved
Before is swept away
Gone but not forgotten
If you can remember right
And what's left of the future
Is cast into eternal night

And the hour glass
Stands upon its head
The sand is running out
The worst of all your fears
Are realised without doubt
The big hand's on the twelve
The little hand's on the eight
But they'll be moving on soon
Because time doesn't wait

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Baby Blue*

Sweet little baby
With your shell-shocked mind
Your mama never loved you
She couldn't find the time

Now you're sitting in the twilight zone
Everybody's leaving you alone

It may be sad but it's always true
You're different - they won't know you

Bye bye baby blue

You're one in four
Never quite the same
A genetic guinea pig
In the master's game

Trapped in an electrified cage
Waiting for the needle of the next stage

I know it's bad, but what can you do?
Behind closed doors, they can't help you

Bye bye "Project 102"

Poor little baby
With your blitzkrieged brain
Ever since your mama left you
You've never been the same

You try to find the right thing to do
But be honest, you haven't got a clue

Bye bye baby blue

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Spin And Take*

I lean back in my large armchair
Think of things that aren't really there
I try to put the day gone by behind me

The room I'm in spins around and around
The walls they close in and crumble down
I try to let daydreams come and take me

Spin and take
It's my mistake
I thought I was behind me

I'm just sitting with my house around my head
I'm just spinning while everything goes red
And now my choice alone can stop it

I'm on my back, looking myself to me
See a light on my thoughts about me
And there goes a day to come just hits us

I feel back in my own, old self
Travel corridor a living wealth
Now see a digital nine come and read us

Look and life
Razor knife
I think I've cut a line between us

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Tin God*

Oh you've been watching such a long time
Now I hope you're done
You've been discovered by your fault alone
Now it's time to run

You sat so high in your fortress above
Exempt from fear, exempt from love
You exiled yourself in the name of God
Your eye of power and your holy rod

The countkess followers who worshipped
The ground on which you trod
Turned the time when they realised
You were just another tin god

Now you're exposed, now you're found out
Your name is cast where there is doubt
Your position high has been thrown low
Now you will kneel at your master's throne

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Strip Show Rover*

She strips for money
People think it's funny
How a talent should go to waste like this
She glides across the floor
There's always screams for more
As she bends low, spreads legs and blows a kiss

So the show is over
And the men all go home to their wives
So the stripshow rover
Goes back to lead his "normal" life

Now fantasy harbour
In the meat-grind parlour
Lean back in your seat and let your mind do the rest
This is the meat market
Welcome, come and park it
Let's all watch the stripper 'cause she can do it best

Hello, welcome to the darkroom
Enjoy it, enjoy the show
Wait and see what develops
How about a nice piece of British pork!

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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(Thanks) Sanity Rabbit*

Well thank you sanity rabbit
You lead me a long way
Through life's debit
Through the darkness of day
You took a look deep into my eyes
And saw that I was alone
Deep into the forest of mind
And the loneliness of home

I closed my eyes
And saw only black
I'd like to win through
It's only courage I lack
You see me through sanity rabbit
Keep me aware of my mistakes
Life is just a gamble
Now could you raise our stakes?

The mind ignites
My eyes explode and I see
Through the mist
Thanks sanity (rabbit... ha)
Thanks rabbit ignite
Your eyes explode and you see
Through my mind
And take it all back

Now take your choice
You could leave me alone
Or stay in my mind
Live through my very bone
Grind to a halt, stop to think for a while
Look around my head
Does it cause you to take the smile
The distance you've led?

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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The Pleasure Queen*

Cornelia sleeps with insomnic dreams
Tales are told in the palace of queens
Here all life is just one great gift
Where pleasure prevails, no anger exists

She stirs herself at the awakening hour
Sees, from the window, the tip of the tower
Where right at the top, enclosed by a screen
Lies in a box, the power of dreams

The rumours that tell of all wine and song
Tell of the woman to who pleasure belongs
Secure with the dreams in a box with no key
All pleasure stays shrouded in mystery

Cornelia, the chosen one
To guard all our dreams
Though centuries have changed her
She stays the pleasure queen

She rests her troubled mind at last
Re-lives her history-to-come, that's passed
Now she knows the timw will come soon
She must surrender to the call of the Moon

It's time to retire at the end of her time
Though she made a few mistakes, committed no crime
The Moon will await as her chariot draws near
And spill from an eye the salt in a tear

Cornelia slept with insomnic dreams
Tales are told of the pleasure queen
Here, where life was one great gift
Where pleasure prevailed, now only anger exists

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Who Writes This Rubbish Anyway?*

Aborted pea-pod screams out loud
The slaughter of silence mutes the crowd
There was no escape unless you fled
Mutant cyclops' exploding head
Look out for the teethy ones
They're only out to speak in tongues

Fishnet frog-spawn hatch the specs
Rayban electric goggle-eyed checks
Ironed curtains smother day
Night life prowler sneaks away
Take up chasing icon visions
Meaningless drivel forms superstitions

Yashmac-smartipants, no escapism here
The real McCoy may be cheap in idea
Follow-through, the joke's on you
Knee-tremble, pill-pop
Expand horizons 'til you drop
Now there's nothing left to do

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Secret Partner*

I shall make death a lover for you
Though guilt will be on your head
But look into a soul
Of another of your kind
And unholy scriptures must be read

I'd give my soul
But I have none
So I must give you up
I am damned so let this be penance

Oh God, this I didn't intend at all
And yes, I've trespassed on your domain
I saw the light but
Did not know where it led
So I return to bury my claim

I love you so I'll leave you soon
Thou was not made for untimely death
And the time has come
And our credits close
Only a burning soul is left

The secret partner
The guilty won't always
Look so guilty

I shall make you a lover of death
Then I shall not trespass again
I was so damned
Oh forever damned
All my life was set in shame

Three wishes granted
But how was I to know
That each one was insane?

The secret partner
Never revealed

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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(Did She) Close Her Eyes (As I Did)*

I kneel alone in the dark
Remorse and guilt fill my heart
I took a life not mine to take
An example of mistakes we make

But still I can always remember
How strange things in September
Can remind us of all things we do
Though not always right we know

The seasons change and summers lift
And did she close her eyes as I did
As we would in spirals as we kissed
But now she's gone and sadly missed

And dark will close in
As surely as night follows day
Or maybe day follows night
Still - in black I will regress
Go back to whence I came
Dis she close her eyes as I did
But now her life has left
An example of mistakes
We can all make

*By Darren Knott

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The Greatest Story Ever Told*

The greatest story ever told
I should be one so bold
But it's not up to me
You must be blind
If you cannot see

Eveyone's now waiting for
The new beginning none can ignore
A second coming or who-knows-what
Some relief as the going gets hot

Haste and harken, doom is nigh
The end of the world is at hand
Behaviour seemingly anarchic
Was so painstakingly planned

We're fighting a losing battle
Led like sheep
Treated like so much cattle
And it's all coming to a head
Everything's flashing red
Yeah, we're all gonna wind up dead
Hear the death rattle

Your life flashes in front of you
Now you know it's true what they say
That all who know the fabric of time
Will be mercilessly rent in twain

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Twenty years and nothing has changed
We still live in fear of the deranged

Locked up, the key long thrown away
That's the way that it must stay

Life meant life in the jury's eyes
Never to be a wife
Unless they fall for her deceit and lies
Never a mother
She was once a lover
A lover of torture and death
So evil!

Sweet Fanny Adams, you were not the first
And sadly, never to be the last

We all despise you with a hate so deep with anger
Still we hear the echoes of the crowd's cries to "hang her"

Life means life when there is no death
He knows the score so well
Please don't let her go
Curse her to eternal Hell
Never a father
No happy-ever-after
Only after wicked perversion
Too bad!

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No Life Left*

At sixteen years she was satisfied
Steady boyfriend - happy life
Now what else could occur
To keep life an event for her?

Three words of meaning
She scratched on her arm
Those three words
"No life left"
The words she wrote
So near the truth
Keep a hold on life
Until your dying breath

Unlucky twenty-one - dark day of dismay
So near to death - just kept at bay
No words our feelings can explain
Time proves the healer once again

At seventeen years, she had just survived
Now she knoiws the value of life
Return her to the opening scene
To live out incandescent dreams

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Keeping Up With The Jones'

Hey mommy, mommy, won't you come and see
Just check out our new next door family
They got weird looks, long hair and beads
Yeah, they don't seem right neighbourly

Well they follow the man, he's the head of the clan
He says their itinerary's all part of his plan
They act real strange, play funny games
Cook all their food on an open flame

You don't wanna try and keep up with the Jones'
They don't have TV or telephones
They beat skin drums with human bones
Their mission hidden by sweet overtones

You know what they say?
"If you can't beat them, join them"
Well if you listen to my advice
Then you'd stay well away
Don't taste thaqt milkshake
It'll make your body ache

Hey mommy, mommy, won;t you come and see
Before it's time to come in for tea
They invited us but we didn't go round
Why are they all laying on the ground?

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Welcome To My Nightmare

There's no escape until you're dead
The rotating knives spin towards your head
Your blood runs cold and then runs red
Before you awake sweating in your bed

Welcome to my nightmare
There's plenty here for all to share
Welcome to my nightmare
Lots of lives to spare

Then in abound you are free
But damned for all eternity
Because escape is not what it seems to be
Nothing here comes easily

It's midnight
And you're all alone

In darkness

There's no escape until you're dead
Don't ya wish you were somewhere else instead

Welcome to my nightmare

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A Case Of...(L&D)

What can you say to a drowning man
As you catch him going down for the third time;
Can you try and reason the overwhelming injustice of fate
In the split-second before it's too late?

Life is a bastard
It gets you on your back
But death's an even harder cookie to crack
There will be no salvation
For this nation
So you had better forget reincarnation

What can you say when a good friend
Is down on his luck and has come to the end;
Do you tell of the good things in life
Or clam up and grab for the knife before it's too late?

What do you care anyway?
When you've got everything that you want
Alone in your own world without hardship or strife
You can afford to take your own life
I only hope you are reconciled with fate
Before it's too late

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You know it's not easy
To put words into a song
But if you mean what you say
You can't get it wrong

You know it's easy
To say "I love you"
When you mean what you say
And you know it's true

But it ain's so easy if you can't convince yourself
To tell yourself
Yeah, believe yourself
When you need reassurance to prove that you're right
To help yourself
And believe yourself

But it gets easy
To respect yourself
Believe that you are right
Whitout outside help

It's just not so easy to convice yourself
To tell yourself
Instruct yourself
I need reassurance to prove that I'm right
To help myself
To trust myself

Bloody decisions

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Jealous Minds

Here I come again
And I can see that expression forming on your face
Your early-warning system
Reacts again in haste
In error of judgement
Not connoisseur of good taste

It's just too bad
That you don't share the same point of view as me
Your simple bloody mindedness
Is on show for all to see
You may think you get your own way
But you're never really free

Jealousy gets you nowhere
But we've both come a long way
And when we meet eye-to-eye
There's still not a word to say
I've heard it all before
That you can't escape the truth
I see your school of thought and manner
As the pudding and the proof

And so as we sit here
On opposing sides of the table, face to face
Trying not to disclose the fact
We both feel out of place
And wondering if we're both
Really members of the human race

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Our Song*

Listen to the song
It meant so much
It's been so long
We just lost touch

You said you'd ring
But never did
You must have thought
I was just another kid

You know I care
But you do too
I wish you would
'Cause I love you

*By Mandy Warren

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When It Happened*

When I heard what had happened
I thought I should cry
But I never felt sorrow, and to this day
I don't know why
Sometimes I don't know what to say
When friends say that crime could pay
It makes me just want to turn away
When I recall what happened on that day

When you were shot down
Don't do anything wrong again
You've learned your lesson now

Sometimes I felt good, oh yes so good
When I was bad to you
On you I could release my hate
Though I loved you too
Then I didn't know just what to say
I could turn my sad face away
It's never true that on me could pay
That's one thing you've learned today

Sometimes when it rains
It makes me feel good
I know it sounds strange
But that's how it should

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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(Trust Is) One Thing (But Faith...)*

It gets so late
But I can't bear the thought of bed
The good and bad side
Echoes around my head

For once I must
Now I'm not so sure that I can trust
Your good or bad side
But I dream of lust

I used to know
So I thought, all about you
Your hapy, sad sides
What you said was true

"You can't just rely on love
To hold us together
Do the small things all lovers need
And want forever
Trust is one thing, but faith
Is so, so different
Love can always be changed
To cold, cold indifference"

When I asked you
You back out with me again
My good and bad sides
Sometimes made such pain

My good and bad
Your happy, sad
But still we can go on together

*By Darren Knott

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Daddy Man

Hey daddy man, I loved your daughter
In a way you never can
But now she's gone, gone and left me
Oh how I hate you daddy man

You were the one who went and told her
I was not the right man
Now she won't come round and see me
Oh how I hate you daddy man

Oh daddy man, how I hate you
How I hate you daddy man
And now I'm coming round to get you
Oh how I hate you daddy man

Oh now she won't reply to my letters
And she won't return my calls
And the only thing left of our romance
Is the spray-paint on the walls

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Eat The Rich

"Excuse me, I'm new in this town
And I was wondering if you could help me
I'm a tourist, come here to see the sights
And spend a lot of money"

"Well, well, well - this is your lucky day
Just you come along with me
First we'll take a stroll down Cut-throat Alley
And then to the infirmary"

You know how it is in these times of despair
Depressing factory closures and job losses
The only growth industry in the inner-city areas
Is the en masse mugging of tourists

Eat the rich (to feed the poor)
Eat the rich (to feed the poor)
Eat the rich (to feed the poor)
You've gotta eat the rich
To keep the wolf from the door

They're stripping all our assets like lead from a roof
We don't make cars any more -
Just plastic Union Jacks for the Japanese to wave
And real hamburgers to make the Yankees feel at home
Buck House postcards to send back to their folks
Why can't you just stay at home?

Expose rolls of film at the changing of the guard
Don't forget to ask a policeman for the time
The Crown Jewels: "Gee, they're just like the ones I have back home"
Just watch out you don't end up swi mming face down in the Thames

"You know the cops at home all carry guns
Here thingd are much more civilised"

Give us all your money
Or we'll beat you in the head
And throw you in the gutter with the trash
"Your country, son, may have a long history
It's a pity all the future lies with ours - Ha!"

The future's not about reliving the past
It's building spy satellites
And space-age laser weapons
Shuttle-sized Roman candles sparkle in the sky
To celebrate the American Dream

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No Wave

You know, if you want something real bad
There ain't no one gonna stop ya from having it

I was riding along on the crest of a new wave
Kicking down all the doors
But then it sank without a trace
And now I ain't gonna surf no more

No one's getting out of here alive
You can chop and change but you won't survive
No wave's gonna stop ya from takin' a dive

The almighty god with the message
Tattooed upon his heart
Spoke his words of wisdom
And the floodgates opened wide
Into the arena rushed the massed
With their imitation Fenders
And their three-chord tricks
But they couldn't replace the masters
With their silver spoons and their fancy licks

The now generation are well-read (red)
They've jammed a wedge in the door
Musicians aren't becoming as politicians
That's a fact you can't ignore

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Romancing The Stick

You look pretty funny
But I guess that's alright
'Cause when everything's said and done
It's all the same when you turn out the light

Oh yeah, 'cause sticks and stones
Can't break my bones
Just like the names they call you
Can never hurt me
I'm sure you've heard that love is blind
Well I can tell you it's deaf too!

Now I have seen you
Hanging around when I came in the joint
I've never really taken any notice
But I think I've finally got the point

Well now I've got you with me
Where do we go from here;
Do we ride off into the sunset
Or turn sideways and disappear?

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Stick Fatory Blues*

I woke up this morning
And put on my old stick factory blues
I said I woke up this morning
And put on my old stick factory blues
'Cause I've been working there so long
I got a pension that I can't afford to lose

Well the money's no good
And the hours are long
But when you're picked up by the orange van
You really can't go wrong
Yeah I woke up this morning
And put on my old stick factory blues
Well I've been worming there so long
I can't afford to pick and choose

Well Brin used to work there
But he got the sack
Yeah he called the boss a cunt
He ain't ever coming back
I woke up this morning
And put on my old stick factory blues
Well I've been working there so long
I can't afford to pick and choose

Well the money's no good
And the hours are long
But with guaranteed overtime
You really can't go wrong
But I woke up this morning
And put on my old stick factory blues
I've been working there so long
I can't afford to pick and choose

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

Been there since I left school
I'll ne there 'til I die
It sure beats the dole
Just don't ask me why
Couldn've worked at the Co-op
I could've worked at the Spar
But I chose the factory
'Cause I don't like walking far
And now I wake up every morning
And put on my old stick factroy blues
I've been working there so long
I got a pensionb that I an't afford to lose

Bertie Webb, Steven Turner, Brinley Coates...

*With assistance from Ricky Grant & Andrew Knott

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The Two Together (A Joint Effort)*

So they heard us laugh as we walked away
And they watched us cry on one dark day
So we pinned them down in a seething grave
Then they pleased to us for them to save
Time's stayed on our side

It's such a tightening grip that works on demand
And as futures will come - comes the next command
I don't want to think now there's nothing here
And I'm looking for lies now there's no one to fear
The life lies will will decide

It's easy to jusge without enohgh on your plate
But don't draw on that or choose your own fate
Tell me when I'm finished and I'll end all of this
But until you call then I'll give it all a miss

We're living on our own nerves - say now if it's bad
Can't feel ourselves falling - we're not happy or sad
We're so tired of all this, the things of back then
Now they don't watch us - oh, what's happened to them?
Will nobody ever say now?

Readt to start when we finish w're one step ahead
One less thing for another, that's what was said
Set free their rage on us, we just shouted back
They'd taunt us into war and now we're stuck in attack
Will nobody say how?

We were so easy to beat, least that's what they thought
They could win with no pain if they'd teach us what they're taught
They said we were finished but they were so wrong
And did we ever think that we'd hold out this long

Too insecure to win a war?
We've grown stronger by the day
Us two together

*By Darren Knott & Elaine Sopp

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Was It A Fault Of My Own?*

I hear you cry
While the wind and the rain outside
- Seem to make the night come alive
And yet so deep inside
- I've killed myself, oh, so many times
And I've never been quite sure
When the time was right
To make my move, to prove my worth
To you, while you hide your mirth
Oh, so what? I've heard you say that million times
Whatever I've done
Well you know I tried
And though I feel so badly sick
With every thing today
Now I'm here so here I'll stay
I was going to sleep when I heard you arrive
A ghost, a spirit in a sacred shrine
A shadow that walks my mind
But there you are, that's how things should be
Together we could make history
But no one wants to know
And if I said that you are all that matters
Would you stay here on my arm?
No one will ever do you harm
I an't see where they're going
I never even cared
While I lived without knowing
But if I don't it will fail
At least not while I still breathe
A cigarette burns away in your hand
Still rain pours down on the trees outside
Together we can run and hide
A game of hide and seek with you
- Was all I wanted to do
But that was long ago
When both you and I were less than ten
Still you shouldn't be afraid
We can always stay in the world we made
So look deep in my eyes
The ghost of a noise of a creaking door
But don't be so surprised
Now we have lived perhaps we should die
But don't ask me what was wrong
When the days were short but the years so long
While you stood by my side
A church would crumble and all walls fall down
You asked me if it was a waste of time
To put forward such greed replacing our pride
Then you said I was wrong
Now the time is right
I think I agree with you
So please stop your crying
I know it's hard to do but I think I'm dying
And it wasn't a fault of my own
Thbat left me naked and without a home
Soon I'll go to sleep
I've enough of your trouble and pain
You know I don't think I could do it again
So there you are
I rest my case
And now I'm gone

*By Darren Knott & Elaine Sopp

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The Fool*

A cigarette in my hand burns down to the butt
Music echoes at the back of the room
A sream comes from the street below
And then a car speeds off down the road
Perhaps it's something I dreamed
At least I hope it wasn't what it seems
And I know things aren't always so smooth
I only wish I knew what it means

The bright lights seem to attract and collect
All the people around just like flies
The fools

Another smoke in my hand, another in the ashtray
All I do is ask while cigarettes burn away
Which is the more foolish:
The fool or the man who follows him?

*By Darren Knott

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My Life - Lately

Every morning the sun shines in through the window
Its rays shatter the visions of my dreams
- Into a thousand tiny splinters
They stab into the pin cushion of my mind
Then I awake and notice you're not there beside me
And I miss you

Every day has been the same since you've been gone
The memories of how it used to be
The endless tripwires of my life
They cause your face to fall into place
When I really should be at my work
And it's always the same

Sometimes I think that I should sort myself out
Then I change my mind and say what's the point
Because when I look around I see
You really are no happier than me

The mighty hollow you carved inside of me
When you went away had been filled
All that I missed out on before has taken your place
- Though it can never be the same
Because there is no use trying to tame the emotions
That have run wild all my life

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Be Seeing You

The first time I saw you baby, you looked so fine
But then you went and walked the line - yeah
That was many years ago
- We've long since gone our own ways
But sometimes, when I'm alone, I still hear you cry

The next time I saw you baby I cannot clearly recall
All I remember is you went and spoiled it all
You disappeared in a puff of smoke
And all I was left with were the last words that you spoke

This feeling of mine is so hard to explain
All I know is I will see you again
Be it in sunshine or in rain
Be it on this or another plane
Be it in Heaven or in Hell
Just be sure to look after yourself

The last time baby that I ever saw your face
It was the day that the world went bang
Yeah you looked into my eyes
- And you sweetly sang

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I took my life, smashed it on the ground
I crushed it, tore it, pulled the pieces down
It seemed a shame to rearrange but some things should be done
Keep your life intact with things we lack, sarifice it all for fun

But now what's happened to me?
I'm not the same person I used to be

So you take my life and you do your best
To change the state of this unholy mess
Slaughter on the tomb of hipocracy, all good things you see
Words are cheap in a massacre of all things that be

The story of the time making things feel fine
We're making history by using crime

*By Darren Knott

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The Deceiver*

Lighting a cigarette, blowing out the smoke
Just like you blew out my life
Whether I liked it, yes, whether or not
You'd cheatr behind myback and you'd win outright

No, I don't understand this, tell me why did you lie
About something I'd never believed?
I'm killing myself here now I'm left with no pride
I was never so badly deceived

A love affair with nightmare
A game of do or dare
That's what I thought my life was with you

*By Darren Knott & Elaine Sopp

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Our England*

I remember what I heard last night when someone said
"Whoever said ignorance is bliss is a fool"
And I believe it's true
You've got to broaden your horizons
Extend your ideas
So throw yourself into your thoughts
And don't believe the only language
People understand is money
It's not all cash in the hand or credit card

And as I walk through the alleys
I see the people whose god is glue
A quick sniff and a snort
To get the day through
All the junkies and drunks
And all the old down-and-outs
Coughing and drinking and a fag in the hand
They wish things could be better
On their faces - a picture of hardship
They an see no opportunity

In our England
Is this how it should be?

The excitement and upset when someone says
"All you need is money and you're set up for life"
Are you able to believe it
Is money a power, a thing we can't do without
Without it you're stuck, no food or a house
And we all heard on the TV and radio news
About all these bloody maniacs
Who'd kill for a paper god?

And so this is our England?


*By Darren Knott

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Stand On Your Own*

I recall while you were hidden away
Way at the back where no-one could see
Where you'd bury your feelings
And wonder why it should be

You never told me then
I knew I'd soon find out
You wanted sympathy
To hide all your doubt
And you found out that by
Staying quiet, alone at the back
That it was the only time
They'd be nice to your face

But now you're out of your shell
Emerged in the open with a bold look on my life
It's so good to see you stand on your own
And looking back you see that I'm right

And now
You drive me mad with your terrible moods
Screaming and shouting and stamping your feet
What are you doing; why don't you explain?
If you can't I'll have to give up and go
So that you can hide away iun the dark again
But you know there'll be no sympathy now
I'm so surprised that you're willing to change
And go back to the shell from which you emerged
Still there it is, I won;t try again
You get no sympathy
No sympathy from me
None at all

And now I see you, you're still hidden away
Way at the back where no-one can see
Will you now bury your feelings
And wonder why should it be?

*By Darren Knott & Elaine Sopp

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Life In A Vacuum

I come from a place
Where there is no reason to feel happy
Or sad, or to be good or bad
Or anything at all
And when you think about it
And you will, 'cause there's fuck all else to do
You will realise how inert we have become

And when I see you
I see frigidity incarnate
No love, or hate, or emotion
Or feeling at all
And when I think about you
Which is seldom, if I an help it
I realise how much I hate your kind

Everytime that I draw breath
In this hell-hole that you call home
I choke upon the emptiness
And beg for chance to roam

Living in a vacuum
With no corner to call my own
I sense there are no solutions
To be found all alone

So life goes on
Without its value ever being questioned
You just accept that without it
There is nothing at all
So let's nbot think about it
As obviously it's far too painful
We all walk around instead - the living dead

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Looking down the barrel of your best friend's gun
Now look at his face, you know he's laughing at you
So what's your plan of action, your method of escape?
Your ideas criss-crossing like the laugh lines on his face

And you see all the people like a church congregation
All their blank faces staring in one diretion
Only this time they are all looking at you
You see them laughing

This time you're trapped
And like the hangman's victim
You're dancing with both feet in the air
And the night crawls in
Wrapping around your twitching body
And dragging you back to its lair

Now look along the barrel at your best friend's face
And look at him sweat now the tables are turned
So what's your plan of action:
Do you just stand there and laugh
Or pull the trigger laughing?

So how do you feel if the whole world laughs at you
And all you can do is watch,
Watch those bastards laughing?

*By Darren Knott

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Nobody Told Me

Nobody told me life would be so painful
Nobody told me life would be so hard
With people waiting around to stick their knives in you
Just as soon as you drop your guard

Nobody told me
Nobody told me about you
Nobody told me
Nobody told me about living without you
Nobosy told me you wouldn't be there
Nobody told me that you didn't care
Nobody told me what I should do
But now... I'm telling you

Nobody told me someone could be so hateful
Nobody told me someone could be so cruel
As to desert you when the hips are down
And leave you laying in a pool... of your own blood

If such tables ever existed
Now they've been well and truly turned
Revenge it will come sweet
To those that you have spurned
The lessons of the past they have been learned

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Platonic Prositiution

You're two places below God in my estimation
That's behind myself and the latest pop sensation
You'll go anywhere with me without invitation
And then you spend all my money without hesitation

I call it platonic prositiution
Friendship at a price
Moral devolution
How much does it cost to be nice?

You know it's all my fault and you don't mean any harm
I shouldn't make up with my chequebook what I lack in charm
But when I mention it you hit the roof
And it costs an arm and a leg to keep you calm

This is a love affair
That's not going anywhere
You take me for a ride
But make me pay the fare

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Three Roses (The Bloodied Thorn)*

She dug my grave just six feet deep
She laid white roses at my feet
A barbed-wire cross hung just above
And on my chest a snow-white dove

The three white roses in her hand
A symbol of this now dying land
For in time it will decay
For evermore to fade away

Three white roses
One for courage
The next for love
And one for the peace
Of the snow-white dove

One I heard so long ago
Of a friend of mine
He once said "no"
No to this life of sweat and toil
And for what: a bed of soil?

And ever since no dove has flown
The eagles cruise the skies alone
And her eyes open, black as sin
And let the fear of death flood in

She digs your grave just six feet deep
Lays three blood-red roses at your feet
A barbed-wire wreath lies just above
Across your chest, a murdered dove

Three red roses
One for hate
None for love
And two for the blood
Of the murdered dove

The lady who holds the rose
With the bloodied thorn
In sunlight just like blood
At the crack of dawn

*By Darren Knott

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Within These Walls*

In the candlelight
In the flickering flame
The shadows play their eerie game

Creeping, stealthily along the stairs
The light reveals their secret lairs

In this house so cold
Many lives have passed
Within these walls, impressions cast

Roaming through abandoned rooms
So dark and dank like ancient tombs

Within these walls
As the shadows pass
Silence shakes to a ghostly gasp
Phantoms, through the night they stalk
Like a beast of prey
Their deathly walk
Through corridors now so damp and cold

Lives that rest at last
Harsh winds closing in
And shadows scream with an eerie grin

Nothing but a distant game
Shadowed in the candle's flame

*By Darren Knott

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The Black Caverns*

The scavengers are a dangerous breed
Destroying the foolish who never take heed
They are the predators, the users of sin
Their evil prevails, always to win

Victims are those to weak to defend
The dead or dying close to the end
Nothing escapes all the jaws in the dark
The clach of teeth, the flying of sparks

Deep in the Black Caverns
In the scavaging land
These creatures of earth
Of mud, clay or sand

In this world of the strong
The weak's bones lie broked
And they can't disobey
The hissing words spoken

Danger comes close to then venomous jaws
Those of the writers of the unwritten laws
Nothing is wasted, not the injured or sick
While searching for carrion, movements are quick

The black cavern rulers, warlords of sin
The barons of darkness are shedding their skins
Revealing a deadlier evil than ever before
The dangerous scavengers ruling once more

Deep in the scavenger caverns
Nothing escapes the scavengers
Nothing lasts long here

*By Darren Knott

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Cheer Up Girl*

Cheer up Girl
You should be happy now
I'm home again
And I can help you out

You've been working hard
Here at home
I know it gets you down
Being all alone

But cheer up girl
It's not the end of the world
Things could be a lot worse
So cheer up girl

Come on girl
Just be happy now
Whatever it is
It's not so bad now

But the bigger the problem
Then the harder it is
To put on a brave face
To things just like this

So cheer up girl
It's not the end of the world
There is always someone
Who will have it worse

So keep your chin up
And keep in smiling
Smile now girl
You know it won't hurt
Smile now girl
You know it'll work...

...To cheer you up girl

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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The Time Has Come*

The time has come to make up your mind
The time to choose what's wrong or right
The time has come to sort your life out
Come on, son, get on your feet

You're not doing any good
Sitting on your arse all day
No point in putting your feet up
Sort yourself out right away

The time has come to make decisions
Time to see what's you're going to do
Time to stop thinking high and mighty
Son, bring yourself down to earth

It makes no sense to just rot away now
You get nowhere stuck on your arse
I think you better get some ambition
Come on, son, don't get in a rut

The time has come for some motivation
It's time to get yourself in gear
The time has come now to get a move on
Time now son to get out of here

*By Darren Knott

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A Hard Rain (Has Started To Fall)*

All the times that we have had
All the times that we have shared
Will they fall right down around us
Just like the autumn leaves?

But that's the way things will be
The way things will turn out
When something like this happens
It brings me to my knees

As autumn turns to winter
And from above onto us all
The darkened clouds, they let loose
The hard rain has started to fall

All the tears that we have wept
All the tears that we have shared
They have gone, flowed from our eyes
Like driving winter rain

Nothing niow can dry our tears
Nothing can now dry our eyes
Except for sunshine of the summer
To soak up all our pain

As springtime turns to summer
Still rain falls onto us all
The darkened clouds still let loose
A hard rain has started to fall

*By Darren Knott

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The Smell Of Revenge*

Walking into a room
With a sad atmosphere
Someone's been wronged
Silence is all that I hear

I tell you know
I don't want you to feel sorry for me
Someone has wronged me
It's my problem, let me sort it out

Feeling all alone
There's no-one here I can trust
It's like a body blow
It's something I cannot duck

I'm in the shitr right up to my neck
Like a struggling captain on a burning deck
But I got my pride - that I will defend
Going hammer and tongs at the smell of revenge

Walk down a dark alley
The new rendezvous
A dark meeting place
My revenge is for you

I'll tell you know
I don;t need your sympathy at all
Revenge is so sweet
And now my problem, it's all sorted out

I was in the shit up to my neck
Now the captain rules a gleaming deck
With pride in his heart right 'til the end
Now he has sensed the smell of revenge

*By Darren Knott

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Sus The Tricksters*

You have a gift
Of knowing the tricks
Knowing the tricks of the trade
Where there's a con
You'll get along
You'll get along to where the money is made

Big money is made by the conmen

One day I'll lift
The hat off your tricks
The hat off the tricks of the trade
There are no more cons
So you can get along
Get along to where the cheats are made

Once the job is complete
You get on your feet
Get On your feet and run

A definite must
Is to learn the sus
To sus "cowboy trades men fakes"
They're so quick
So fast to trick
You with an oily rag and a lick of paint

When your "good deed" is done
Grab your cash and run
Get away as quick as you can

Tricks of the trade - where money is made

*By Darren Knott

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Masked Talent*

You keep on telling me
You've talent I can't see
But the talent you have most of
Is just lying constantly

So why not tell the truth for once
Make me believe the words I hear
Just stop this deceit for a change
The truth ain't something to fear

Tell me what this talent is
Well then I can believe
It's so difficult to understand
Why the need to lie can be

Just spit out the truthful words for once
And give me just one chance
To try to stop all your constant lying
Your talent ain't even masked

Why don't you just realise
While lying you just can't disguise
The only talent that you have
Is that of non-stop lies?

It would be much better
If your lies, they were masked
You know, maybe well undercover
Perhaps even buried at long last

You keep on telling me
You've got a talent I can't see
But you're so wrong
Your masked talent isn't masked at all

*By Darren Knott

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And The Battle That Never Happened*

I heard of a man
He does the best that he can
To block out the big world outside...

All his thoughts centered around
Such a horrible sound
That buried in his head long ago
All the whistling shells
In a place just like Hell
To be safe you'd have to lie low

All the screams from his friends
So near to their end
Fighting for a country so proud

Come and answer the call
Now come one and all
Let the sound of the bullet ring loud

Below in the trenches
Below in the mud
Below in the water
Stained red with blood

Once a soldier so brave
What could he save?
Not the pride for his country and home
Comrades laying dead
But nothing was said
An "all fight and no talk danzer zone"

And now deep in his mind
A wish you can find
To forget all the things that will sadden
Friends who lay maimed
All the blind and insane
From the battle he hopes never happened

Behind all his fences
Behind all his gaters
Behind barricades
Built around here too late

*By Darren Knott

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I Can't Be Bothered*

I look back at the good times
Only the bad times are here now
I wish I knew just what happened
Everything's turned upside down

The sour look on your face
As you tuen and walk away
I'm afraid I can't be bothered
I'm so much lazier these days

No I'm afraid I can't be bothered
I'm too wrapped up with myself to care
You know that I got to boost my ego
Or I'll fall back into my despair

I'm feeling so lethargic
Got to beat this lazy habit
Sleeping in both night and day

The sour look on your face
As you turn and spit in mine
But you know that I won't chase you
I can't be bothered - not this time

No I'm afraid I can't be bothered
Being happy is what matters most
You know I like to boost my ego
I like to keep myself engrossed

I never see the sunlight
Not the brightness of the day
I won't bother to change my ways

I like to play my thoughts around
All the things that I do and say
I wish I could plan what happens
In my ego boosting days

*By Darren Knott

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The Big Town*

I'm on my way to the big town
The place where the bright lights are
I catch the bus to town centres
I'll spend my time in the all-night bars
Yes that's the place
Where my heart is
In the town of the sound
Where it all goes down
Yes that's the place
Where my heart is

But then I think of the bad things
And the people who walk through empty streets
They're walking to work in the morning
Working in the factory to pay their way
Perhaps I'm not so sure
It's where I want to stay

All the lads in the big town
They're so bored with the life they lead
They keep away from the town centre
It's no longer the place they want to be
Is this the place
Where my heart is
In the town with the sound
Where the people are down
No longer the place
Where my heart is

I think I'll look for a new place
People walk the street with a smile on their face
I take one quick look around me
The place I'm looking for is already my home
Now I'm sure that
I should never leave

*By Darren Knott

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Kalahari Katz

Ooh Kalahari Katz
Ooh Kalahari Katz

See us walking down your street
You better go run and hide
We're never ones to throw a fight
And we dont like your kind
So watch out for...

Went to a club the other night
Got thrown out on our arses
Started a ruck on the dance floor
And broke two dozen glasses
Send the bill to...

Got picked up by the law the other day
Spraying graffiti on a wall
Judge and the jury said eighteen months
We stuck two fingers up at them all
'Cause we wrote...

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Why Do You Do It To Me?

What do you know about love
Or the good lord up above?
You know it's a disgrace
But you won't say it to my face

Why do you do it to me?
Why do you do it to me?
I never meant any harm...
Can't you see

You say you'll change your ways
But you never do
You just stay at home
Now I've seen through you
I'm gonna break your cheating heart in two

You'd better be prepared
'Cause if you don't see
Don't see me coming
I'm gonna run you down
I'm gonna run you down
I'm gonna run you down like an express train

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Do What You Do

Do what you do
Do what you do

So they finally found out what game you're playing
Don't listen to the words they're saying
They added one and one and came up with two
And that you do what you do

Just because you're thinking of leaving
There's no point in being decieving
Untruths won't ever score points for you
When you can do what you do

I can't get used to living without you
They're spreading all those lies about you
I tell them not a word is true
And that you are coming back to...

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Welcome To My Nightmare (Part Two?)*

I can make death a lover for you
It's easy as A-B-C
All you gotta do is take hold of my hand
And spend a nightmare with me

There's no escape
Until You are dead
The rotating knives
Spin towards your head

Your blood it runs cold
And then it runs red
Before you awake
Sweating in your bed

Welcome to my nightmare
There's plenty here for all to share
Welcome to my nightmare
There's lots of lives to spare

Then in a bound
You find yourself free
But you've been damned
For all eternity

Because escape
Is not what it seems to be
You'll find out the hard way
Nothing here comes easily

There's no escape
And you're filled with dread
Don't you wish that you
Could be somewhere else instead?

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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New Kind Of Psychosis

I am the new psychosis
All resistance is hopeless
Don't wanna know your name
You just take the blame
All resistance is hopeless
To the new psychosis

I am the new psychosis
The hostess with the mostess
A breeding-ground for a new strain
Deadly neurosis gonna fuck up your brain
Yes all resistance is hopeless
To the new psychosis

You just gotta get outta this place
New psychosis - plague of the human race
You never know just what you will find
Coming round tonight to take over your mind

I am the new psychosis
Brain-cell thrombosis
I'll take you one by one and that's no lie
Stand in my way and you will die
'Cause all resistane is hopeless
And I am the new psychosis

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Apologies To Jamie Reid

We're sorry, oh so sorry
It had to be this way
But we had to rip off somebody
To help us on our way

The melody's tyrannic
The rhythm's something sweet
And the excerot from your folio
Really makes it all complete

Neo-terrorist artisan
With whom we are au fait
And it's good enough for us
If it's in the V & A

Send apologies to Jamie Reid
If you see him around
No offence intended
We don't mean to put him down

Power to the Pistols
Saferty pins to the fore
Just as you thought it was over
You find out there is more

Kalahari cataclysm
Apocalypse of sound
You know we're taking over
Relief's nowhere to be found

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Rent Boy Whore

Jap I: This is a story you gotta know, about HIV and when he had a blow. It stars our boy and thrills galore, and when it's over you'll be beggin' for more.

HIV: Yeah I went out on Saturday night, looking for some chicks that were just right. I hunted near, I hunted far; somehow I ended up in a gay bar.

Well when the time came to go to the can, I bent right down and I'm telling you man; there was a hole in the wall of the cube next door, and before I knew it my ring got sore.

I sucked up trash, I spilt my brew, I shouted "hey schmuck who the fuck are you?"
Jap I: He said
Aid Rock: "Oh boy, this ain't my day, I thought every John in the joint was gay"

HIV: I said "I suck pussies"
Jap I: He said
Aid Rock: "I suck cock"
HIV: Well I'm HIV
Aid Rock: And I'm Aid Rock

Jap I: Well I'm Jap I and I've got AIDS
Aid Rock: The three of us are the
HIV, Jap I & Aid Rock: Gay blades
HIV: Hey bullshit! I ain't no queer
Aid Rock: And pour me out another beer

HIV: He told me he was a rent boy whore
Aid Rock: Keep it quiet 'cause it's against the law
HIV: I told him I didn;t take it up the butt
HIV: He called me a
HIV, Jap I & Aid Rock: tight bitch
HIV: and I called him a
HIV, Jap I & Aid Rock: slut

HIV: I was getting fed up with this randy iron, so I came on like Michael Ryan. I drew my piece and blew him away and went on a rampoage that was anti gay

Yeah I wasted every dude in that lousy bar, then I ran outside and jumoped in a bar.
Jap I: The car it was driven by me Jap I, and when he told me what he'd done I didn't wonder why

Those fruits had had it coming for a long time, and HIV loves ti commit crime. Yeah I'm Jap I
Aid Rock: And you can call me AIDS
HIV: 'Cause when it comes to queers we're the
HIV, Jap I & Aid Rock: Gay plague

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Barbie Briquette

Barbie Briquette you are so fair
Your life's a game of do or dare
You are always up
You get so high
One day you're gonna reach for the sky

Here am I an earthbound star
Shine bright my child
And maybe you'll go far

Barbie Briquette
You ain;t seen nothing yet

Gentleman Jim thinks he's so smart
Considers himself to be all heart
Well buddy boy
Have I got news for you
The rest of the world is so untrue

Here am I all alone
No-one hanging on
Waiting for me to phone

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She's Got It

There's no confusion in her conclusion
She wants to suck on my cock and that's no delusion
She walks the streets all night and all day
She's got a grade A ass and she's an easy lay

'Cause she's got it
'Cause she's got it

She acts like a slag and I know how it started
I went down on her and her asshole farted
It made me feel queasy, it made me feel sick
And if a pirate had a hard-on sure she'd jump straight on his dick

She met a man with AIDS but she didn't care
She already had mange in her pubic hair
Thrush round her vagine, herpes scabs on her face
Yeah she's coming last in the human race

She's just an old boiler, she's crawling with lice
I saw her just the other day, she was covered in rice
I said: "Do my eyes decieve me or have you got wed?"
She said: "No, a drunken Chinaman just threw up on my head

When you get her in the bedroom she's a filthy bitch
But you don't fuck 'cause you're startin' to itch
You don't have to say please to get her down on her knees
But then you spend the whole night just pickin' out fleas

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