Song Book Number Four

The mostly lyrical musings of Kevin Mitchell featuring Darren Knott, 5 October 1987 — 31 January 1991.



Bombed Out

Coat Of Many Colours
Come And See Me In The Big House


Hymn Of Hatred

Insight (How I Write: 1)
In The Beginning

No Evil, Just Sin


R.I.P. van Winkle

Side Two

That's Life
The Pit
The Rose Bush
Things I Don't Understand

Wasp Man



Nudity surrounds us everywhere
Explain it as art and nobody cares
But if a girl takes her clothes off in a magazine
Then people protest and say "it's obscene"

"C'mon, love, spread yourself out on the floor
Be more persuasive; sell yourself some more"

I want to see sex, sex, sex

No-one complains when an artist
Fills his canvas with naked forms
But when a girl strips for the camers
She's suddenly branded a whore

"There ain't nothing to be ashamed of: the body's a beautiful thing
Nakedness is an artform, it ain't dirty or unclean"

But to me it would seem that the most obscene thing
Is that some girls have to strip for food
Now that's what I would call the real pornography

*By Darren Knott

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Side Two*

Turn me over to the B-side
And I'll play for you
I'll always be the flip-side
I'll be your side two

I'm spinning, yes I'm spinning
From the A-side to the B
I'm spinning for you girl
Turn me over, turn me over
I'll keep playing for you
Yes, I'll be playing side two

The groove on the grooved side
It's grooving for you
From the outside to the inside
It keeps turning for you

Turn me over to the B-side
And let me play for you
I'll be your favourite flipside
I'm stuck as your side two

*By Darren Knott

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Come And See Me In The Big House*

It's lonely here
The rain falls hard upon the ground
I've been here for fifteen years
And still no peace I've found

It's lonely here
The rain runs down the window pane
No-one tells of this lonely hell
Will I ever step outside again?

So come and see me in the big house
I'm pleading to you

Please come and see me in the big house
I don't want to be lonely for the rest of my life
Surely after all this time I've paid for my crime
I feel so trapped in the big house

I'm beginning to slip
I'm losing my grip

It's lonely here
Footsteps echo loud outside tonight
A ghostly patrol in this devilish hole
I'll get no sleep 'til the new day's light

Yes come and see me
See how lonely I am
Lonely I am in the big house

I'm pleading to you

*By Darren Knott

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I'm lost and I'm tired
I've been thinking of you
You're here in my thoughts
But that's the closest you'll get

The night's drawing in
I've been stripped of all my dreams
And here I'm so cold
I'm lost without you near

These streets are deserted
I'm missing my hometown
Where all the people I see I can name
I really wish I was there

In my sleep take my hand
Lead me through this strange land
I can feel my pulse race
And my heart starts beating faster

My faith took a beating
At the hands of you
But I stood there and took it
Because I wanted to
But now things have changed
And that's why I'm so far away from you
You've stabbed my back for the last time

At least I think so

*By Darren Knott

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The Rose Bush*

This is it, this is lost souls street
All my life lies at my feet
I lost the battle then lost the war
My trusting nature was the flaw

A different time, a different place
Empty eyes stare from my fae
I try so hard to turn away
I need a different game to play

Life can be hard, it can be cruel
To get through there's one simple rule
That's try to reach for the hand stretched out
It's kind relief against all your doubt

It's an unusual direction the wrong way to go
The people who go there are the ones who don't know
You can follow them quickly, you can follow them slow
But when you get there, be sure to lie low

Here your life is in danger
The bad atmosphere stifles the air

Yes here you can choke like a weed strangled rosebush

*By Darren Knott

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In The Beginning*

There's a pitiful man who lives down the end of our street
He's longing to tell his tale of woe to everyone he meets
Each waking hour his heart bleeds, and even in his sleep
It's a terrible toll he has to poay for the secret that he keeps

It happened many years ago, now lost in the mists of time
And everyhour since has borne the burden of his crime
No single mind could comprehend the error of his ways
Now every breath he takes compounds the price that he must pay

Back in the times of plenty, when all the world was young
Before this age of darkness and disparity had begun
A single figure stood up and with his back against the wall
Declared: "If you think this is nonsense then who's the bigger fool

"You can grind yourself into the dirt but what good does it do?
As long as you're in rank and file they won't remember you
I've opted out at every chance, avoided every call
But I'm still alive and kicking an example to you all"

And with those words out-spoken, tranquility came to an end
And everybody's thoughts dwelled upon this new amend
And while they did it fell apoart just as it had begun
And left the too familiar clouds blotting out the sun

By the time they noticed it was far too late
And all that was left was confusion and hate
They turned upon each other in a most unholy war
And never again could anybody even out the score

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Wasp Man*

See me sitting like a fly on the wall
Ready and waiting to sting you all
I'm the wasp man
Make sure you're friends with the wasp man

See me dressed in yellow and black
My sting makes up for the size I lack
I am the wasp man
Better run a mile from the wasp man

I am the wasp man
Buzz off beastie
I am the wasp man
Just keep smiling 'til I've got it all
As the wasp man makes his daily call

(You won't) see me sitting like a fly on your wall
My sharpened sting is a powerful tool
I'm the wasp man - the yellow buzzbomb
It gives me such a buzz that I can't get enough
Unless I infect you all

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Hymn Of Hatred*

The patrol Jeeps of the pale opressor
Light up up the dark streets
With their banner of hatred flying high

The shouts and screams of terrified people
Running down the streets
Showered in glass with their skins on fire

Small children crying
And the smell of burning tyres

Join together
"Bring out the rope boys
We'll hang 'em high
Come on nigger, say your prayers
Our religion says it's time for you to die"

And it will always be
Until the white state asks, why?

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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The Pit

We are alive.
We are dead
But we cannot see out of
The Pit
We begged for forgiveness
But our masters who broke us on the wheel
And cast us down
Did not see fit

Cries of anguish
From the deep
- The Depravous depth
There is no escape from
The Pit
Monsterous cavern
Swallows all
- No light emergeth
Forever more
The Pit

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Things I Don't Understand

If Shakespeare were alive today*
Would he struggle also
With the anacronisms of language past?
Am I alone?

Is The Bible the ultimate riddle?
Read into it what you will
And draw your own conclusion?
Jesus wept

My thirst for Tolkien stiffled
As the animators did
What a load of hobbits!

*He'd be extremely old - 426! [correct at time of (de)composure]

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The depths of hypocracy
- Unfathomable
The height of audacity
- Unsurmountable
The width of constraint
- Unescapable
My love for you
- Undesirable?

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Coat Of Many Colours

I am no one; you don't know me
Who are you to judge and criticise?
The quality of worth
In the eye of the beholder
Is all that counts

I am now somebody; you pretend to know me
All along you pledged support
And backed me in my plight
When the day comes to an end
You say you were right all along

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R.I.P. van Winkle

One day you awake to find the world has changed
Have you been kept static
As your life spun through its orbit?
How does it feel to discover
That those you once revered
Can be outwitted from a coma?

The tune you played led me a merry dance
There and back again
But now I'm standing at the edge
Of infinity
- Staring into the void
That is the rest of our existence

If I apologised for sounding bleak
Would it show a sign of weakness
On my part; the bit part
I've been resigned to play?
Standing in the wings of life
For all eternity
Waiting for my cue

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That's Life

The truth I know so well
Is not for me to tell
It's killing me from the inside out
A torture straight from Hell

I thought that I had borne my share of crosses in this life
But it looks as if I've just jumped out of the frying pan
Into the fires of emotional turmoil
Once more your tortorous affair pours on the boiling oil

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Insight (How I Write: 1)

Is it (so) simple
That which comes to me?
Can you appreciate
The things I see?
When prose and verse stray
From the norm
- My work starting to free-form
Is it understood by you?
Do I waste my time
Writing for you?

I dig the intellectual ditches of life
And sweep the streets of greater understanding

Motto: Dip your quill into the ink
Before you think
That way when you dry up
You have only yourself to blame!

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No Evil, Just Sin*

Take me by the hand and lead me to the garden
Where the children of man once played
You and I can see they're no longer here
But a shrine to their happiness remains

This tranquil place is not all it seems (to be)
The frosted statues are so real
Like a new (ice) age Pompeii erupted
Without warning condemning them for all eternity

No evil, just sin
That is all that can be held within
The burning desire to put your hand
Into the fire
Pray to behave
Learn to be its master
Or live your life as its slave

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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