The lyrical musings of Kevin Mitchell featuring Darren Knott et al, 1982 — 1983.


All Fall Down
An Awful Lot Of Yen

Be The Opposite
Brin Is Bent

Die Pretty Soon

Face 30
Fantasy Won't Win

Get Outta This Place
(Gonna Get) My Way
Government Oppression


(Let Me) Play You By The Rules

Makin' Love
Monday Mourning

Natzi Britain

(Only) Wanna Be Like Me

Papal Bull
Plastic Love (Strike One)
Plastic Spastic
Prime Time

Road To Ruin
Rotten Guy

Safety In Numbers
Set Me Free

The Eagle

Violence Mob

We Don't live In Your Mess (So Don't Mess With Our Lives)
When They Kick
Why Have Life?

You Hate Life


(Only) Wanna Be Like Me*

I only wanna be like me
Only see what I wanna see
Do only what I wanna do
I don't wanna be at all like you

I don't say what you should do
Because your life is up to you
But why don't you be like me
And ensure you'll always be free?

I do what I want in my own way
Forget tomorrow, I live for today
I'm doing just what I want
'Cause I just wanna be me

I can go out when I'm wanted
I can do just what is needed
Don't wanna live my life like you
I just wanna be like me

I only go where I wanna go
See only what I wanna see
You can be just who you like
As long as you let me be me

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Die Pretty Soon*

You live lonely
You live quiet
I live madly
I lust for dying

I was taught how to spit
I was taught how to swear
I was brought up tough
And challenge every dare

Die pretty soon
With a knife in your skin
Down a dark back street
By a garbage bin

I'm so thrilled when killing
That I kill just for dares
I'll rob you of your money
And steal the clothes you wear

I'm too fast to live
But too young to die
So you better watch your lip
When I look you in the eye

I'll stab you with a knife
Shoot you down with a gun
'Cause when I see your blood
You know I'm having fun

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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The Eagle*

The eagle's flying high
I watch it swooping down
Now the eagle skims the ground
With closing talons, on his prey
The eagle's gripping
Its grip's not slipping
Clamped onto its prey like a vice

Watch for the eagle swooping down
Beware the eagle's landing now

Sometimes I spy it in the sky
When you are with me baby
The bird's grip on its prey, I see
Is like the one you have on me
The eagle's gripping
Your grip's not slipping
Bleeding me dry like a leech

Look out my baby is in town
Beware my baby's coming round

The eagle's sleeping now
I'm seeing you tonight
The prey it has been eaten
It looks as though I'm beaten
My baby's gripping
Her grip's not slipping
Is there any hope left for me?

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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(Let Me) Play You By The Rules

I don't think you mean it when you say that you love me
I know you'd rather rock 'n' roll
And I know you don't mean it when you say that you hate me
I'm sure it don't come from your soul
Oh yeah, oh no, no, no

Why do you say that I've had enough of you?
I still say that we're the perfect pair
And how come you won't ever let me make you?
You just run your finger through my hair
oh no, oh yeah, yeah, yeah

Well we've been going steady for a long time baby
So don't say our love is on the line
Just 'cause you know another's full of envy
Don't turn our love into a crime

So tell me what you feel when you say that you hate me
And I'll try and keep it cool
And tell me what you need when you say that you love me
Just don't take me for a fool
Give me a chance to play you by the rules

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You Hate Life*

You ain't got a clue what life's about
To you it's all just scream and shout
There goes your mum bawling again
Her constant nagging blows your brain
So you just run out the bloody door

There's nothing left for you in life
So you're gonna take the plunge and dive
Burning in boredom makes you insane
You're gonna make sure it don't happen again
There's nothing left for you in life

When you say you're happy, it's just a lie
Depressing situations make you break down and cry
There's nothing left for you in life
You hate life, hate life, hate life life life
So you're gonna die

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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When They Kick

Deep down in the underworld
A new wave movement grows / A subversive movement grows
Always plotting our downfall
Even when it never shows
No one takes any notice
When they hatch their evil schemes
But you'd better watch out
When they kick

When we kick
When we kick
You know we'll hit 'em hard
As wel leave our calling card
So you'd better watch out
When we kick

Down in the South Atlantic / Out in Northern Ireland
With the action getting hot
There stands a troop of soldiers / There's a platoon of soldiers
Waiting to be shot
But they aren't getting frantic
They're just keeping their cool
'ause they know they'll hit 'em hard
When they kick

Out in the nuclear wasteland
A single life-form stirs
As he looks for sraps to eat
Dressed in ragged furs
He rests his head in his hands
As he thinks to himself

We should've watched out
When they kicked

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Road To Ruin

When you see me
You know trouble's brewin'
Don't you know
I'm on the road to ruin

Pour myself another drink
Of no hope and despair
I cannot helf myself
Because I don't care

My pulse is racing
Living for the next high
It cannot escape me
I'm no ordinary guy

Too many bleak horizons
Nothing I can see
Is gonna stop me falling
No future for me

Can't you help me
Better off without me
Do not doubt me
On what you cann't see

I can't sleep at night
My whole body's shaking
Every day a fiercer fight
Even the ground starts quaking

Death, doom and destruction
Are awaiting me
Down the road to ruin
As far as I can see

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Brin Is Bent*

We know a guy
Who is more than a dope
For him there is no hope
When he opens his trap
Out pours a load of crap
Listening to him is bad
'Cause his case is very sad

Brin, Brin, you're bullshittin' again
I can see it flowing
Out your mouth, ears, nose and arse
Brin, Brin, there you go again
With a knack of turning casual converation
Into farce

We are sane
But he is bent
He's the one who won't repent
We may sin
But he is Brin
And that's far worse
Than any curse

Photo booth
Vandal shockers
Passers by mugged
By green dockers

Coach kids dynamiting doors
Mouse on ferry takes a swim
Twelve pots made from one tea bag
Don't believe him, Sonny Jim

One day
He's gonna go too far
And try and become a star
We will stop him if we can
Bring to grief his every plan
That is if his lies
Don't bring about his own demise

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Safety In Numbers*

It's dangerous being on the streets tonight
'Cause it's Saturday and there's gonna be a fight
But if you're not alone you'll be alright
You know - there's safety in numbers

You see a tough looking mob on the street
They're punching and kicking everyone they meet
But your own gang's there to stop your defeat
'Cause you know there's safety in numbers

There's safety in numbers
Always safety in number
In numbers there's safety
Watch out for the numbers
Ooh, ooh, ooh, watch out
You're number's coming up soon

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Violence Mob

Knock knock
Then they kick down your door
Wreck the joint
And throw it all on the floor
They're gonna get ya
Nowhere you can flee
When you've been marked by the SPG

Help help
But no one can hear
No escape
It's too late my dear
You may be black
You may be white
But you won't last for another night

You may not have done wrong
But sure as the day is long
You ain't got a hope in Hell
'Cause they're the long arm of the law-unto-themselves

They'll kick down your door
Smash it up
Make you lie on the floor
It ain't just a job
It's more than a profession
They're such a crazy lot it becomes an obsession

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Prime Time

Out on the streets all alone
Nowhere to go, no one you know
No money, no job
No future that you can see
But do not despair

'Cause this is your prime time
Without hardship or strife
This is your prime time
The best years of your life

You're young and in your prime
No buddy can spare you a dime
They won't spare, don't care
Don't give you a second glance
They know you're alright

So you better get up and help yourself
Before you end up on the shelf
You'll have to work day and night
Try hard until you get it right
But 'til then you'll be OK
It must be true 'cause I heard them say

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Rotten Guy

He's the man who'll take your wife
He's the man who'll ruin your life
He won't ask you for nothing
What he wants, he just takes

He's the man who destroys lives
He's gonna make your world a mess
He'll make your life a misery
Yeah he's the kiss of death
(To most people)

He'll bleed you for all he can get
A nastier bloke just can't be met
He'll make you play his game
Make you pay for any mistakes

So if he comes knockin' at your door
Don't give to him or he'll be back for more
'Cause he'll take all he can
And then he'll do you in

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All Fall Down

No matter how big or small you are
From executiuve in fancy car
To beggar man in shanty town
When the bomb is dropped
All fall down

Hear the sound of the death drums
If not now, when the time comes
We will meet him one and all
The nuclear leveller
All will fall

In the place where I come from
There's CND and ban the bomb
Here I see only funeral gowns
In armageddon
All fall down

As the fallout starts to fall
Of what I said you may recall
The rumour went all round the town
That all will fall
We all fall down

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Face 30*

I looked in the mirror
My face was distorted
Just like an old parcel
Waiting to be sorted
So I turned away
What could it be?
Then I remembered
Face 30

I was really disgusted
Why had I turned away?
I said to myself:

"Live for tomorrow, not today"
But I had looked away
I didn't wanna see
What I thought was
Face 30

I said to myself
This mirror is a swindle
I thought it was me
But it didn't resemble
I'd taken my face away
I didn't wanna see
I couldn't cope with
Face 30

Please tell me if you can
I really wanna know
Was it Face 30
Putting up a show?
Or was I merely dreaming
Just telly-screening?
Standing as I'm thinking
I can see myself sinking
Can't anyone help me?

Clear the mirror
'Cause I don't wanna see
If this thing is happening to me
Is this true?
Has it happened to you?
You've gotta tell me
Am I really seeing
Face 30?

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Plastic Spastic

You're like a shop window dummy
Without any legs
You're useless
An inflatable woman
With a cunt / any thrill
You're useless

You're a plastic spastic, plastic spastic, plastic spastic, yeah
Plastic spastic, plastic spastic, plastic spastic, now

A Thalidomide has got no arms
He's useless
Joey Deaon is now dead
And useless
He was made a star upon the telly
Just 'cause his brains were made of jelly
But now he is a rotting corpse
He's useless

You're a joey, your brains are doughy
No sex appeal, you're so unreal
So plastic
Sits and begs 'cause he's got no legs
A spastic
You're useless, useless, useless, useless, yeah

Was it accidental that yuo're so mental?
And useless
Incontinence in a plastic bag
Should have been put down at birth
Never allowed to roam this earth
Line them up and shoot them down

Hack them - maim them
Hang them - kill them
Shoot them - chop them
Blow them up

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(Gonna Get) My Way

Everyone must see my point
And agree with my views
Always vote on my side
'Cause I gotta have my way

I gotta have my way
I gotta have my way
I'll let you have your say
But in the end I'll get my way

You may mock me when I cry
But you can't deny my word
Why should I alter what I say
So that you can have your way?

One day I'll reach the top
And I'll be the number one
And you'll do just what I say
And I will always have my way

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Papal Bull*

See the Pope on the stand
In St Peter's Square
Telling you get on your knees
And pray to him up there

Papal bull, papal bull
It's just the lies they tell
Papal bull, papal bull
Telling you to go to Hell

People can't see the vision
Nothing to corrupt their eyes
Another pope reaches the throne
Just by telling lies

The Pope has dark secrets
The people never see
They have to sit at home
And find out from TV

In The Vatican they're working hard
To find another pope
John-Paul don't believe in faith
But he does believe in hope

*By Darren Knott

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An Awful Lot Of Yen

Life these days is big business
No matter where you are
They'll try and sell you everything
From fur-lined coat to fancy car
Sitting back in your chair at home
"I'm safe in here," you say
You relax, turn on the TV
But first they make you pay

Exploited by society
And its big-business men
Making billions of dollars
And that's an awful lot of yen

To keep up with the rat race
You have to work from 9 to 5
Earn barely the wages of sin
Ain't it fun being alive?
Fleeced by every conman
At home and work and school
Robbed of your last quarter
And taken for a fool

Governments, they pass the laws
Of which we must take note
"Let's introduce an new high tax
"On those too young to vote"
You may form a protest group
Get beaten black and blue
But no one takes any notice
Of the things that you do

I don't give a shit
I know all their plans
I've read the secret files
I won't play into their hands
We've the power to subvert
If only we'd unite
We can topple their empire
And try to put things right

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The CIA in the USA
Are always tapping phones
They've even bugs down your toilet
And tiny microphones
They're looking for information

Information, infra-red
Red-hot information

The KGB in Russia
They have learned the ropes
They've got contacts on everyone
Even on the Pope
They're searching for information

And MI5 in Britain
"They're at it too," you moan
It happens the world over
So ET don't phone home
They're looking for information

*By Darren Knott

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Plastic Love (Strike One)*

Here she comes again
Nothing but trouble
Falling houses
Smoking rubble
The place is ablaze
These fire-torn days

Earthquakes and government-topplers
Volcanoes andsystem-wobblers

Plastic love (real destruction)
Plastic love strike one
Plastic love strike two
Plastic love strike three
Plastic love (plastic love) is out

Maggie Thatcher, Falklands Crisis
Modern age, rising prices
We were but two wards away
When the National Health died today

Plastic love blows your brain
Plastic love will kill you soon
Plastic love causes pain
So beware of plastic love

The cost of living's getting high
The pain of your wallet makes it cry
You cannot even afford a woman
So you rely on plastic love

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Set Me Free

All the fun of the fair?
But there's no one else there
Stuck here all alone
A thousand miles from home

Poeple staring into my cage
Looking at me through the bars
Queuing up, waiting for their turn
Like a row of parked cars

I wanna get out
I wanna be free
Come here baby, release me
I wanna be free
Can't you see
Set me free

When I get out I'll let you know
Love you 'til you won't let go
Then you won't wanna change a thing
And it will always remain so

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Makin' Love

Come here girl, I'm gonna give you a thrill
Lie back and go through the drill
They said I was a bit of a bore
I'm gonna pump it in 'til you can't take any more

Hey babe, you're lookin' ill
You'd better swallow a pill
I dunno if it'll cure what you've got
But I know I sure got a lot

Let me love you all night long
It'll be OK
I'm sure nothing can go wrong
I'm sure, no way will it happen to you

Say babe, it's time to start
I'm gonna go straight for your heart
You don't even know my name
So who's gonna take the blame?

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Monday Mourning

Monday morning here again
You can't hide in the sun no more
The weekend is gone for good
And you know what ya gotta do

7:30 - watch the world race by
Trying not to be late for work
When they arrive they only shirk
Until the 5 o'clock bell rings

I'm the one who has no work
But I'm not complaining
'Cause I'm the only one who feels the pain that Monday brings

If you're young, it's back to school
But you don't wanna be no fool
We're sorry but you've got no choice
So get out there and learn the rules

The old man collects his pension
His fae shows the years of tension
The hating world has taken its toll
Now it pays the the price for selling his soul

He's the one who has no job
But he's not complaining
'Cause he's the only one who enjoys the pain that Monday brings

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Natzi Britian

The writing's on the wall
There's nothing we can do now
The deed it has been done
Just hope that we can pull through now

The first stone has been cast
Now we're in Natzi Britain
Choose your side, draw your sword
And let battle commence

The conflict will never be won
By those on the left or right
Both sides rest their victory
Upon those brought in for the fight

I don't wanna be a communist 'cause they're all the same
I don't wanna stand in line, I don't wanna take the blame
I don't wanna be a fascist, or a Nazi, or a Jew
I don't take no orders, no one tells me what to do

I want anarchy and freedom, I want to be alone
Given the right of free speech, I wanna use your phone
We don't want no taxman, no army or police
We don't need no government
We wanna be released

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Get Outta This Place*

Where the streets were once deserted
The bulldozers have moved in
Re-development for the rich
'Cause the poor, they can't afford it

Playground for the idle rich
We're lettin' them take over
Those who care won't take action
In case they blow their cover

Get out, we don't want ya here
Get out, we don't need ya rich kid standards
Get outta this place
Get outta this place
(You're just another face)

Quiet country residence
Now it's just another suburb
You say you can only help
Those who help themselves
(It's something we don't deserve)

So we're gonna make ya
Get outta this place, we don't want ya
Get outta this place, we don't like ya
Get outta this plae, we don't need ya
Get outta this place
Get outta this place
You've gotta get outta this place
You've gotta get outta this place

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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We Don't Live In Your Mess (So Don't Mess With Our Lives)

Home it ain't no place to be
He don't get no cheap thrills there
So he drives around the toen trying to get his kicks
But the streets are all one-way
And the lights are all red
So he just ends up feeling sick

One of you has got to go
He must be locked away, yeah
You say that we're free to chose which
But either you win
Or we lose
And we can't afford another hitch

So we get up our gear
And we march outta here
Off to where the grass is greener
Where the future is brighter
And the air it is cleaner

The time has come for us to part
We must be on our way now
But I'm telling you we will return some day
But by then you'll be gone
And your damage will have been done
But at least then we'll get our own way

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Stand aside, here's something fresh
If you ain't seen us yet it'll scare ya to death
Come and hear the burgersound
It's the best thing going for miles around
So tomorrow when ya get outta bed
Don't be suprised to hear
Our sound still ringing in your head (head...head...)

Viciousburger, we are here
So you better hide the birds 'n' beer
If you don't like the noise we make
You must be fuckin' queer

You're at the gig and you are appalled
So you try and get outta the hall
The doormen, they won't let you out
So you're gonna scream 'n' shout
But there's no need ro make all that fuss
Stop and listen
You're one of us (

*With assistance from Andrew Knott

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Fantasy Won't Win*

Alone in your room
With the monochrome tune
Your blood, it runs cole
You know you've been told

In a world of your own
You're out on a limb
In a dream of your own
Fantasy won't win

As you lay there in your bed
A voice entered your head
And you listened today
Yes you alone heard them say

Then ended your life's fun
When you pulled out that gun
And if you'd listened today
You should have heard them say

As you lie in your hole
Gods have taken your soul
And standing at the gates
They say that yuo're too late

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Why Have Life?*

Life is an event to be forgotten
Life is a stage in history
Life has to meaning at all
It can be forgotten easily
Because our life-span's so small

Why have life
When you could have death?
Throw us in the hole now
Where we are to be left
Do you really need life? No

Life is just an episode
Life is just a history book
Why have friends; you could have foes
Who'll kill as soon as look
Life is an episode

Life is an open and shut case
Life is just a bore now
You're living in just one place
And gonna die anyhow
So why have life?

Why have life?
Life's an event to forget
Life's just an episode
Life can be forgotten
Life just makes you low

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Be The Opposite*

The ecology of man
In the history of man
Is just what it ain't
And can't be when it can
Be the opposite of what it is
When it's just the same

Mammal is now reptile
Pushed in rank and file
So go along with the lies
And make no denial
Be the opposite
To What you are

Man is pushed close
Balanced on the edge
Hanging On The cliff-face
Hanging from a ledge
Where will he go
If he falls?

*With assistance from Darren Knott

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Government Oppression

They won't listen to a word that we say
Yet they wanna make us do what they say
I say we gotta get 'em outta the way
Before it's too late and they're here to stay

They try to get you under their thumb
With the law and the point of a gun
Plunging from a window they just don't care
Through the screen and gasping for air

We've got it coming
We've got it coming
If you ignore what they say
It's gonna happen
It's gonna happen
It's gonna happen here one day

If you oppose 'em you go down on their file
They give you oppression with a smile
They say it's for the good of us all
But they won't help you if you fall

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