Quarantine Bricks

The lyrical musings of Darren Knott et al, 1995.


39 Mile Blues

A Little Rain Never Hurt No-One
A Push When A Pull Will Do
Another Step Down
At The Fire’s Edge

Beneath These Tracks (Hide In The Lines)
Beyond The Cove
Box Of Feathers
Breakerbone Skyline

Count It Down, Velvet

Dig The Dirt
Dirty Word
Down Again Tom Thumb?
Drug Static Hollow Age

Fake American Child

Gutter Rain Servants

Into The Courtyard
It’s Not The Last Time I’ll Be Here

Kiss The Transmitter

Leaden Waters For The Mud-Bellied Vagabond
Long Dead Cowboy
Look At Me (Seeing You)

Nail In The Wall
New Autumn
Nonoxynol 9

One Eye On The Sky

Pressure And Price

Queen Of Eerie Pond

Shadows Underline It Seems
Silence Is Everywhere

Tastes Like Earth And Wine
To Where The Oceans Lead
We Don't Have To Play
What The Jester Saw
What'll Give
(When I Sink) My Bones Are Coral

Who Knows Where I'll Fall?



Who Knows Where I’ll Fall?

I’m skin and bleach – out of reach
I’m strong but shy – high and dry
I’m satin kissed – sunburn and mist
I’m blood and glue – well overdue

And who knows where I’ll stumble to next?
Who knows where I’ll fall?

I’m river flow – touch and go
I’m candle wax – distorted facts
I’m page and book – Pan and Hook
I’m guts and gold – burn like coal

And who knows where I’ll stumble to next?
Who knows where I’ll fall?

I’m canyon mouth – twist and shout
I’m water-wheeled – speed and steel
I’m quiet, unknown – skin and bone
I’m on a rack – Coke / Big Mac

And who knows where I’ll stumble to next?
Who knows where I’ll fall?

I’m drop and ledge – horizon’s edge
I’m tan and smiles – a fashioned style
I’m stab a back – no Cadillac
I’m going free – fate’s accesory

And who knows where I’ll stumble to next?
Who knows where I’ll fall?

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Box Of Feathers

A testament to a final night
A simple shot in the closing dark
A rush and a push to the fence’s edge
(And a swift spet back when we see what’s there)

Panic can be spelt out in your eyes
And seen for miles like the hollow moon

Dragged in from the furthest fields
The highest hills and deepest lakes
To where the unmarked trail winds ans sprawls
(Tumbling to the sharpest edge of a most forsaken morrow)

For directions cannot be chosen
Simply followed when the way is easy and clear

Above the towering stairway
A cell there stands, its locks on show
Below the eaves and amongst the trusses
(But what can fly when the box lid is firmly closed?)

Though the fluttering is heard all around
There’s nothing to arise from this box of feathers

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Count It Down, Velvet

I saw it all last night
Just before I went underground
On their year worn faces
As they brought it all back around
And though so many things have changed
There are those who still remember
And when time has worn herself down
I’ll carry all my strength to lend her

So I count it down
Watch it all go underground
The soil shifts without a sound
If it’s buried then it will be found

I saw it all last night
And I’ll be back when the evening's falling
Stuck down in this groove
But the mystery is so enthralling
I don’t remember a time
When I’ve found myswelf so forgiving
And as I’m watching it all go by
Sometimes history deserves reliving

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We Don’t Have To Play

Meet me on the rails
Where the animals were slayed
Join me clapping hands
In a game that’s never played
And I’ll whisper you a tale
But you don’t have to listen
It’s hard to stay in place
When that place has just gone missing

But then, we don’t have to play

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Shadows Underline It Seems

Shadows underline it seems
The hopeless wish of simple things
Denied to me
Where trees will stand then life will grow
There’s nothing else I need to know
Inside of me

I’ve heard there’s nothing here for me
It’s all been done or it’s out of reach
Not that I haven’t tried once or more
And it’s demanded so much strength

And from outside, I’m sad it seems
But I have my share of hopes and dreams
As do we all
But I can’t seem to put them down
For when I look they can;’t be found
Or come when called

Through unclean glass there’s dark and light
The shadows smudged, the curse of sight
Not that I have tried to see
And uncovered so much blindness

It’s hard to push things from below
But I fear there’s just one way to go
That’s clear to me
And though explained and understood
Doubt is like the hangman’s hood
And is worn by me

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Queen Of Eerie Pond

She lies there
It’s still and quiet on her shores
She sleeps there
Her dreams like liquid pour
I watch her
And every flicker of her eyes
She will snese me
As I look down from the rise

From her place in the ground
She looks up and beyond
When the rain touches her gown
To offer up its sweet song
And I know what I’ve found
Queen of Eerie Pond

No birds sing
To put a smile on her face
No light shines
In her clear crystal gaze
On her banks
I know the willow won’t grow
But with her weeds
I will sleep in her flow

When she smiles with no sound
She looks up and beyond
The rain kisses her gown
And strokes her hair soft and long
And I know what I’ve found
Queen of Eerie Pond

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Nonoxynol 9

All I need it someone to talk to
I’ve got to get my Ph neutral
Inside, outside, downstream, bloodstream
White noise cracks behind ther blank screen

I’d sell by sins to buy symbiosis
Still a soft heart through rigor mortis
Dodge the feelers, they come from all ways
I bruise my knuckles on the red clay

Get away, bet away
Better way, I got away
Defence buys time
Nonoxynol nine

Skin is soft but metal’s smoother
There’s countless ways to beat a loser
Got no clues – I’ve not been searching
While you’re here you’re not worth hurting

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A Little Rain Never Hurt No-One

Feel the static in this laden air
And a cloud burst fit to drown the Sun
When this haziness has flowered its last
I hope the storm and I will be as one

There’s a target where old arrows lie
And there’s hoof prints where the the hunters run
When steam blows from the broken pipoes
I hope the stirm and I will be as one

Blue dye on the river beds
And green stones on the savage shores
I will go just where I’m led
I will go where the rain clouds pour

Fallen axes lean against the bridge
And this world will rest when its day is done
No matter which hand turns the wheel
I know the storm and I will be as one

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Another Step Down

Seas roll in where once I stood
I stood as Moses
But the oceans ignored me
And turned me to Canute

The water lapping around my feet
And my crown half buried in the sand

I find it hard to take heed of good examples
When the moment comes to test me
My resolve and clinging old beliefs
Confuse each other
And I play the fool again

Lions pace the cage where I once stood
I entered as Daniel but emerged
Another emperor’s plaything

Pride is hurt more than flesh
Whilst lying face down in the sand

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Beyond The Cove

Shivered when the twilight came
But never looked beyond the cove
To the lights that bounced off the water
Into the face of the saddest moon
And the eyes of a thousand sailors

After every storm
When the heavy air of thunder drowned
Then the sea would wash its victims
To the welcome shore

In pride of place above every bed
There should’ve hung a crucifix
But some walls hung bare
And any light that pierced the window
Fell upon a soul-less room

After every voyage
The salt was cleaned from the air
And home became a land of its own
In a troubled ocean

Disappeared in the morning mist
While small creatures still walked upon the snad
And seaweed clung to the rocks’ backs
Showing that life lasted longer
When there was no-one there to watch

After every tide
When the stones were clean
I would walk through the spray

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Leaden Waters For The Mud-Bellied Vagabond*

Give me a solid path and a torch that works
And I’ll show you the way to build a base for your dreams
Through the old gold temples of flying books
Where discontinued poets preach their forgotteen verse
And single me out when things go wrong

So like a one-stringed guitar tuned  below a hum
And words on paper are like war-torn leaves
We interweave to compose an old-fashioned song
Out of all the ancient claims we can’t uphold
Yet so hollow the sound that rings on the ear

Yet we srtill bang on that hallowed drum
To mock the mud-bellied vagabond
Who will need to drink from leaded waters
Waters tht cramp our self-styled stomachs
And fill our many runged and ragged backs
And trapping us in these forbidden quarters

It gets so quiet with black snow piled against the door
We have to boil the old bones from the cupboard once again
Tap the old songs out on the broken floorboards
Those that conceal a hoard of long –strayed coins
And mud from ther garden too stale to grow

*With assistance from Kevin Mitchell

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At The Fire’s Edge

Trees, skeletal and twisted
Batheed in orange fireglow
And dusted with smoke
They outline my shelter of isolation
Where I am free to think
As I gaze into the flames

At this fire’s edge
All these wooden ghosts

Bleakness is their only fault
Guised in death’s apparal
They are apt to establish fear
To all those afraid to see
That there are none so foolish
As those who fear the inanimate

At this fire’s edge
Beneath the canopy shade

This earth is dry, black and scorched
Yet still these trees grow and
Stand in their seasonal ranks
But no wish of harm steers them
They run with the sunlight
And to me they stand only as guards

At this fire’s edge
Ashes blown amongst the roots

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Down Again Tom Thumb?

Tom Thumb, he feels blue today
With his face pressed against the glass
Whenever I ask, he has nothing to say
He just shakes his head as I pass

This room is filled with stories he’s told
And there’s bottle tops across the ground
No one can guess at the memories he’s sold
Or how many remain to be found

Did you see that shine in his smile?
See him as he counts his coins
And watch the way his money burns

He rubs his jaw and shakes his head
Through darkened eyes he stares at me
The pictures he paints are all blood red
He’s not sure what he wants them to be

Don’t want to bend down to hear him speak
I’ll just leave him now, just slip away
He’s been dragging me down, my patience is weak
I don’t need Tom Thumb blues another day

Did you hear the words he mumbles
As he strained to part his lips?
Did you hear the way he stumbles over words?

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Heavy round in this gaslight air
Fumey and burdened and hard on the lung
They say it’s lighter if you’re stood on high
But I don’t want to climb to see
When I can take the word of so many others

But don’t judge me as weak
For not trusting my own instincts
When the gaslight etches shadows
On the bones of those who trusted theirs

This ground is solid enough for me
And this air is good enough to breathe a while longer
Through this gaslight I can see
The mountain tops that I will
Never need to climb

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There is fire in the quietest of eyes
She will stand on the edge – from the centre she’ll shy
There is silence in the fullest of rooms
From the shadiest corner where flowers won’t bloom
Watch for water on the marble floor
Who knows what hides behind the door
It’s just something that she’d never ask
As she feels for the breeze like a sail on a mast

And she knows there’ll be no answer tonight
And nothing will bloom here tonight

Dropping from the highest of towers
To a bed of feathers like rain in a shower
She will try not to think of herself
As unwritten books line dust-ridden shelves
A sad sun will rise from the hill
While a bird of prey haunts her window sill
And the stones below are cold and grey
Not even she can warm them with all she will say

But it’s not just the rocks out there tonight
And there’s no one in this world tonight

To hear of longing in her beautiful eyes
When her heart seems to suffer the sweetest demise
May she then look back to me
And finally accept all she failed to see
Not that she would be held to blame
I hide my dreams under different names
For I cannot show them light
We’ll hide them in the shadows in the darkest night

But there’ll be no more chances tonight
And there’ll be no more offers tonight

She wasn’t strong enough to open the door
I should’ve held back not questioned her more
And now it’s painted all too clear
A hasty decision fuelled by fear
And each day will see another one gone
We all have our time, we don’t know how long
And if she ever turns to me
I pray I will see what she needs me to be

There’ll be nothing to live up to tonight
There’ll be no more performance tonight

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Nail In The Wall

Who put tha nail in the wall?
I wasn’t there when the hammer was raised
I just saw the holes the nails leave
But I heard it all as it crashed right down
As it all crashed down

If I need the hammer
I will raise it myself
Feel the weight in my hand

Who pulled the roses from the dirt?
There’s no other sign than the mud on the boots
There’s water the roots will never drink
Petals on the ground as it all crashed down
As it all crashed down

If I need the rose
I will pull it myself
Feel the thorns in my hand

Who threw stones at the glass?
I was nowhere near when the rock broke through
I just saw the shards on the floor
And I heard the sound as it all crashed down
As it all crashed down

If I need the stone
I will cast it myself
Feel the coldness in my hand

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New Autumn

Stony ground and leafless trees
A breathless wind whisper rushes by
Stood in the bushes and the knee-high grass
The shadow of a man now gone

Seasons peeled off and scattered
Stepped upon
Then swiftly forgotten

Auditioned upon a changing stage
Where the earth is blown and heavy dusted
Years ago a witness told his tale
And his words have left their mark

Stand upon a rock to see a little further
Measure the effect
Then step one pace back

Unvelied by a new autumn
The earth’s green now lies upon the earth’s grey
When colours combine they turn ashen
But by night all colours are equal

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I look down from the roof
There’s feathers on the floor
I steer clear of the glass
And I don’t drink dirty water
But this beauty’s only mirror deep
While there’s no new meat for sale

I measure for a pulse
And step back from the window
My skin’s as white as milk
And sleep don’t stop me yawning
And beauty’s just as passing trend
When there’s nothing else to sell

And when we gonna cut it up?
When the bruises all go down

I eat at the wrong times
Now all the clocks have stopped
My blood it feels so thin
When the temperature is dropping
But this beauty’s only mirror deep
While there’s no new meat for sale

The sap bleeds through the bark
And the river banks are loaded
I don’t think that they’ll burst
While the spill gates are still open
And beauty’s just a passing trend
When there’s nothing else to sell

And when we gonna shut it up?
When the scars all fade away

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Dig The Dirt

There’s something happening over there
But I can’t see from way up here
The bottom of the hill seems miles away
And I’m not sure it’s worth the fall
The sky has always been easy to reach
For those with the strongest arms
And hands wide enough to hold it
And yes, I heard the story too
But I never trusted those who told it

Walls, they’re harder to build
Than the are to knock down
I’ve been sleeping in the dirt too long
To go pushing down down the stones
No matter how far you’ve been
I’m sure I’ve gone further still
But for you it’s easy to get back home
While I’m stuck out on this hill

Buried in the rocks and rubble
The ghost of all I’ll never b
Every time I step towards it
It comes to life and runs away
But the sirt here is easy to dig
With just your hands, it’s shovelled away
I swear I’ve been digging here for years
But no further than that first day

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It’s Not The Last Time I’ll Be Here

I’m going down then the sun is black
To stand in line
With all that’s left of me
And as sure as paths lead somewhere
There’s always more to lead us elsewhere
And something’s bound to take me
Maybe some place new to show me

I’ve no need to hide
When it’s quiet here
But there have been times
When my peace was shattered

And where this sun is black
It gets too hot to sleep
Though I can’t see this heat
And all of this just leaves me thinking
That there must be more to feeling
When there’s nothing left to feel

And holes just get much deeper
And they beckon me inside
Yet it’s harder when I realise
It’s not the last time I’ll be here

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Into The Courtyard

Yes I was there when she sang to herself
And as the water shouted as it hit the glass
But there was quiet when the swing doors swung
And the crowds were gone

However far backwards we went
We always followed the echoes of our old footsteps
Too stand at the moat-side, looking in

For all people who have been here
There’s a room to hold their quarantined secrets
A thought nailed on each wall or above a picture
Gazing upon a whispering audience

No matter which edge of the circle we travelled
Their distances were always equal
But will we not now take a step into the courtyard?

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Tastes Like Earth And Wine

She’s broken glass and lip gloss
Sacred as a child’s dream
She’s plae skin and heartstops
She’s spiders’ webs and steam

Too scared to ask what she wants from me
I smile outside but feel so guilty

She’s arrowheads and perfume
She tastes like earth and wine
She’s ritual and curfew
She is dignity and time

Does she understand what I want to be
I smile outside but I feel so guilty

Truth can be ugly so I’ve learnt
All acne scars and razor burns

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The longest trail, fucked dumb, senseless, out of questions
Remember at last, there’s no memory like that of a liar
Vacant, torn down, a dream whose pale skin was cast broken
The penny arcade, spin the coin, the soul of a victim

Take a new look
Whenever we walk, disturb a grave
When nothing is sacred we’ll know that the video won
Our hands are scarred
Our nails are dirty, our tattoos raw
But blood means nothing, and work it seems, means even less

I’m lost or I’m gone, choose a valued suburban
Whiplash, contagious, a shrink-wrapped obsessive
A colouring book clown, dose of fizzy malaria
Retard, retard
We burn for ourselves

Disease them, rattled, splintered, a piece for me
Situations reviewed, I ignore the soil of a father
Satellite’s abused, disappearance, the curse of the camera
Vitamins absorbed, can’t replace the ghost of a hero

Take a new pain
Whenever we wake, we break the glass
Ritual is ritual and kleisure now rebellion to all
I starve all day
At night restored, all needs observed
Make history a sailor, a pioneer of all we can’t see

I’m lost or I’m gone, I’m literate but nervous
Poison, corrosive, an event existentialist
Satin is stained and lace now immortal
Avoid, avoid
We shine for ourselves

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39 Mile Blues

There’s a road that takes me from my door
And I can follow where ever it leads
There’s 39 miles of black and white
And kerbstone guards stand watching me

I could be on that road and rolling
To the end and back of faraway
These steel wheels keep pushing me on
To meet the man who waits today

When the road ahead takes me back
When that white line pays me all that’s due
When I’ve ridden the backs of the bridges there
I’ll carry the 39 mile blues

I could own that road that runs me
Beneath the street lamp smiles and backroad tears
Wheels that rule the narrow lanes
Burn 39 miles and a way out of here

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Fake American Child

There’s a song sacrificed to the radio
The skyline hides its feelings for another hour
History is sleeping in the paper lanes
Let’s waste a lifetime
A single lifetime in a day

Imprisoned or embittered or impassioned by a natural lie
Frightened by the butchers selling guides
But hey, a fake American child dies for plastic and the ride
There’s steam rising from the paper mills
The airways are so crowded, their veins are numb
Nostalgia lights a fire on an oil drum
Let’s reach for Heaven
We’ll tear down Heaven in a day

Twisted or tortured or troubles by a natural lie
Does a butcher bleed or van he even cry
But hey, the fake American child dies for plastic and the ride

There’s machines breakingh when the music slows
Dancing with corrosion to a nightmare grind
Past glories in a bottle marked with poison’s cross
Let’s just drink them
‘Til we forget them for a day

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To Where The Oceans Lead

I haven’t been here long
But I have watched an ocean of hours pass me by
Time has dragged its heels
And there’s colours here that match the changing sky

And I get the feeling I don’t need to leave
Although I have counted countless reasons
To do just that

When I have had to feel strong
I have waited until each moment was right
I have spoken to the driver
The most enlightened were all free from sight

When every fist I see is clenched
Which hand am I to stop and shake
And which must I avoid?

I have sat where I don’t belong
How many more oceans shall I allow to drip by?
When my eyes eventually close
Will It Matter then what colour I taint the sky?

And if ever I find that I have to leave
I will follow to where the oceans lead
As they flow in sure direction

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One Eye On The Sky

Untied and free to go
All to walk when the dew will come
To lay its silver carpet beneath dirty feet
And the birds will sing all day

And every move this body makes
Is one more than it wants to
As the trees stop to reach
To touch these hands

The perfume in the air is sweet
But in its breath there is a bite
From an all too willing mouth

In the longest of the long grass
Where the webs hang like buckshot flags each morning
A wave on each flutter of breeze
Seemingly calling to those who’ll notice

Before the sun sets
The birds will have finished their song
And the dew long since rejoined the air
Waiting for the new day to come

When the atmosphere is calm
There is time to move while the air is thin
But keep one eye on the sky

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Dirty Word

She’s quiet with her back turned
She hardly even knows I’m here
She’s counting out her paces
Guess she feels unstable now
Don’t know why she’s aching
We can’t even draw a breath
I’d know her with my eyes shut
I’ve tasted all this mud before

She don’t know how much my back hurts
And I don’t care what makes her cry

We’ve been here for hours
Something tapping on the glass
There’s nothing in the bottle
Still – I’m too tired to drink
I know the way she’s thinking
Showing me through all her scars
Now she’s stopped the bleeding
I’ve got to listen to her laugh

Feel I’m broken like a china doll
And her name sounds like a dirty word

Sleeping on a platform
Another cartwheel in the rain
Don’t know where we come from
Both got dirt beneath our nails
All we smell is hairspray
The clouds look low above this room
She’s singing in her soft voice
Guess we’ll stay another day

My bones ache when a storm comes
And like my mother she’ll run away

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Drug Static Hollow Age

I am cocaine, I am been and gone
Will I lose you while you’re chasing my sparks?
I’m the fools’ rush, I’m burnt out, empty
And only simple things capture my heart

I’ll kiss a victim, it’s a brave new world
We’ll seal our fates all on our own
My home town died and the rails have gone
Like the childhood dreams we have outgrown

I’m disappearing, I’m the faintest dream
I’m asking you to take me back home
To ancient cultures, the stuff of legends
Maybe I’m safer with a heart made of stone
We exist here, we’ve nowhere else to stay
We’ll sit around and smile when there’s nothing to say
While the sun sinks low behind the hills

And now we’

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Gutter Rain Servants

Clear the roads for the mercy dash
The electrolyte and the narrow sparks
Shot once too often when the soul was chea
When there’s too many lids to life
Or too many tears to shift

And the servants march by an open window
With their apologies beneath their breath
Theiur blood is as thick as glue
But runs as free as water

As sure as sugar drips from a silver spoon
The hands are there to grab and milk
Moths are open for this honeydew
Just before it hits the ground
Before the last drop is found

And the servants march by with skeleton keys
But they can find no lock tonight
Would they help themselves to running wine
When the gutter pours the wine?

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Silence Is Everywhere

Silence is everywhere
And who am I to break its spell?
If a nail was driven in now
All would hear the sound
And all will turn and wonder

Watermarks upon a wall
Testimony to a long gone tide
Of a swiftly sealed sea

If I could find its beach
I would wash in its waves
But time is not ours to wash
She carries dirt with grace

Tales are always told
I have not reason to doubt them
For I too have my own tales
And were it not so silent
I would not fear to speak them

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Beneath These Tracks (Hide In The Lines)

He asked me to write him a song
So I sat for days with a pen in my hand
And from all the thoughts that came along
I shifted the weak, left the strong there to stand
There was a legion of dreams I could write down
A list of half-slept nights and too quiet dark
And when this cold morning came around
I felt it hit me like a railroad spark

Lay me out beneath these tracks
Could say so many words
But not even be heard
If you see the stripes upon my back
You can count all the times
I’ve been lost in the lines

If she asks me to sing her a song
What kind of a song could I sing for her?
Maybe she’ll hear my message wrong
She may translate thoughts that never were
If she ever gets too close to me
I’ll be shaking inside and need a safe place to hide
Maybe a heart-shaped hole she’ll never see
I’ll hide below my lines by the railroad side

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A Push When A Pull Will Do

No-one asks what makes me laugh
They only want to know why I cry
Take my pulse, make sure I’m here
There must be some happy side

Push the pieces, turn the tide
Stand so proud on something that’s nt so solid anymore

Push me backwards
But the water’s cold
And I get numb all too easy
(You could be forgiven if you push yourself too often)

For all those who have shouted
Don’t feel guilty for all you couldn’y know
How could you know what you can’t see?
The motivation is mine to look for

But does that mean I’m willing to search for it
When I’m hardly willing to lift this pen?

Push me forwards
I’ll land the same as you
And things get broken all too easy
(If you’re forgotten now it could be the first of many times)

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(When I Sink) My Bones Are Coral*

Water drips from the summer’s leaf
And drills a hole into the soil
If I follow it down, where will it lead?
To so many king – not a single one royal

For each of them wears a faint-hearted crown
While scarecrows wear a more regal gown
With a single tattered heart between them all

When I sink and my bones are coral
Black hearted fishes pick and gnaw
To disrupt both soul and flesh
Leaving me to mix and boil
To float like oil upon the water

When fruit drops from the autumn tree
And slowly rots back into the earth
If I follow it down, where will it lead?
To a place where death leads to birth

And weeping queens watch their children play
While jesters have stern words to say
There’s not a single hour’s fun between them all

*With assistance from Kevin Mitchell

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My mind is cruel but her lips are tender
She crushes me between her fingers
She lays me down in the ashes
To sleep with a slumbering flame

Refusing names, she uses gestures
Judging fools by their questions
She slowly smiles, then burns the answes

Fire in her eyes

She cleans her soul while the night is breathing
An angel’s kiss can be deceiving
I have watched her while she’s sleeping
And tried to picture all her dreams

She uses insight as a weapon
Held against the world: cold steel and iron
Her will never to be broken

Fire in her eyes

Held in her arms is life eternal
But love is gone and life is shallow
Where will she drink when the cup is empty?
Will she rest her desperate eyes on me?

My simple wish is that I could help her
A steady hand and a way to show her
I’ll light the way for my firestarter

Fire in her eyes

*With assistance from Kevin Mitchell

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Long Dead Cowboy

Expansion and contraction of the metal rails
Iron ore to feed us when the Sun goes down
He’s as loaded as his six gun, a shallow son of Cain
He’s not steady nor halfway ready to take his crown

And oh, we’re still the same
Straight at the wings of angels guns are aimed
A long dead cowboy in a ghost town
We’ll take the ghost train

And maybe if we don’t see him
We’ll be glad we came

There’s a ticket for the teller of a midnight tale
And it’s cold between the rail tracks under a clear sky
His spirit stains us like blood on a snow white wall
The last guardian of a frontier the world hoped had died

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Look At Me (Seeing You)

Look at me
I’m sharper than any blade
Look at me
I’m as scared as a child
Look at me
I break like the butterfly
Look at me
There’s a scream in my smile

Where you will go, I will go
You dragging me down and down
And this earth feels so cold

Look at me
Rope burns on both my wrists
Look at me
And the glint in my eye
Look at me
My hands are worn and tired
Look at me
But I’m too proud to cry

All I’ve got to sell
Sell me as commodity
All I want to be is your personal property
I won’t way a word, I’ll leave things unspoken
One splintered of hate leave too many hearts broken

Look at me
My tears are red and blue
Look at me
Here’s the shell of a heart
Look at me
Break me on any wheel
Look at me
See how I tear apart

Look at me
See what I paint for you
Look at me
Though the canvas is torn
Look at me
Dip in my veins for ink
Look at me
See a new self is born

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What The Jester Saw*

Strange and striking is the vision of the seeing-eye king
And reflected in his mirror is his queen
Like the ripple on the silent blue-green pools
And as graceful as a bird of prey
She draws past me like a shallow breath

One step back from behind beyond
The loyal sun dips below the tree-line
I’ll turn away as she follows it down
The planets as jewels, the moon as a crown

Bold and so blinding to the guard at the gate
Her vanity sharp as the pike he now holds
So steady to sleep on any cold precipice
So slewnder the reeds barely need part
She will pass by me and draw the air from my lungs

One step back from behind beyond
The loyal sun sleeps below the sea
I’ll turn away as she follows it down
The heavens her home, the stars for a gown

*With assistance from Kevin Mitchell

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I have my father’s eyes
I’m wasted like my mother’s smile
I feel fit to plagiarise
And terrorose an open style

I’m cut open every night
Then stitched back from left to right
If you want you can see inside
Pull out the clamps

Poison ointment round the fly
I am settled and firmly packed
No liquid left to vitalise
Leaves me white with skin all cracked

I feel happy twice a day
After that I need my rest
I don’t sleep – I fade away
I never answer 'til I’m pressed

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Breakerbone Skyline

Wake up
I need a chance to mean something, anything
Back up
Your sundown’s here and gunning for everyone

I’ve spent a lifetime breaking everything inside of me
Now it’s time to make the pieces fit

When you laugh I can’t help smiling
Just the way you turn it all around

But who’d’ve thought I’d get this far
Just living lies and counting scars
I never once looked to your eyes
They were never there for me

Wake up
We’re killing time with fantasy and tragedy
Back up
Ready or not we’re heading for make believe

I’ve seen you kissing statues, hiding away from me
Today the sun looks like a lipstick smudge

You look my way and I feel happy
A little time and this scratch will heal

All I want now is the truth
And it’s spelt out in this bruise
The most tragic of tattoos
And it’s only mine to see

Wake up
Come and spend some time with me – your enemy
Back up
We can lose our modesty and/or dignity

The lizards they can watch us, they feel like a part of me
We’re let their cold blood make our dry lips smile

You kiss my closed eyes while I’m dreaming
When I wake up it will start again

We’re wrapping ribbons round our hearts
While the world pulls us apart
We tear like tissues in the rain
‘Til we forget each other’s names

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Pressure And Price

They said he wrote poetry
But they were such sad songs
That as I read them I would cry
And my tears would stain his pages

He had come such a long way
Bearing gifts to all those
Eager to receive
But soon his back was bent
By the weight of those who wanted more

I would try to show him a brighter side
But his heart was black
And whatever smile he wrote about
Would soon wither and fall from its face

Words were used as whips
That his pen vainly slashed at
His will used as rocks to stone him
Leaving him talking to his walls
And valuing so very little

Yes, they said he wrote poetry
But to me that seems wrong
They were not poems
That laid upon each vlean page
They amounted to his soul

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What’ll Give

Let her write my name in bright red ink
The same that would stain my arms
A simple message, a child-like task
And the directions that bring me here

A busted, collapsed, wrenched out view
As subtle as a skyline’s scars
She lies beside me as I sleep
And steals the vacuum that would be my heart

So let’s take it smiling
Need no time to think it over
All is nothing or no-one’s ever
I don’t want to be your sometime someone, something
Or whatever
Or whatever

Don’t take me, owned by hostility
Don’t touch me, a victim’s curiosity
If I had never been young
You’d never notice the difference
Nothing here to bleach out my opinions

Turn off the lightss, we’ll drive out blind
This needle never felt so blunt
We name our days after dead men’s gods
And a handful of faithful lies

Cut off my hair and scratch my eyes
If you cut me I bleed 'til I’m dry
She counts to ten and draws a breath
She loves me in a field of rape

So let’s take it smiling
Need no time to think it over
To doubt the literacy of hundreds, thousands
Their likeness is in knowing nothing, the truth is out to die
To die like Kemmler
Die like Kemmler

Don’t take me, owned by hostility
Don’t touch me, unnatural curiosity
I feel no urge to stay young
I’ve never noticed a difference
I feel that I’ve been here for centuries

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Kiss The Transmitter

I'm buzzing through - mosquito smile
Catch the sparks in F.M. style
Set the lights down low, let the level rise
Let me ride the tide on this shattered sky

I'll let her wash me away in wave after wave
A smash me down soun d in a dial slide grave

But she can't find a thing to fit her
C'mon baby, kiss the transmitter

Chase me now - don't turn me down
Takes more than soul to bring me round
A measured pace in Marconi's miles
Let me shoot the teeth fromn the tiger's smile

I'll let her spin me round in turn after turn
A catch me quick flame on a smooth running burn

But she can't find a thing to fit her
C'mon baby, kiss the transmitter

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