More Piss-Poor Poetry

The lyrical musings of Kevin Mitchell, 31 January — 7 March 1991.


1837 - 1901 Inclusive

A Harsh Lesson In Ergonomics
An Attempted Suicide Writes...

Canary In A Coalmine
Candid In Camera

Divine Retribution

Fairway To Heaven
Fifty - 50
From One Extreme...

Growing Pains

Insight (How I Write: 2)

Middle Of The Road To Hell
Music Weakly

Near To The Madding Crowd

Out Of The Lions' Den...
Over And Over

Pagan Battle Hymn
Piss Poor
Prime Time (Remix)
Prissy Polly

Rambling Reflections
Rechabites Back

Smiles Until Bedtime

"Take A Letter, Ms. Brennan"
Take, Take, Take
Test Mismatch Maker
That Which Compares To You
The Impotance Of Being
The List Is Endless
The Renovation Of A Lost Soul
The Story Of My Life
To The Devil - A Door To Door Salesman

Unhealthy Options

Voluntary Redundancy

(We Are) The Delphinoids
Web Of Intrigue

Year One


Prime Time (Remix)

Out on the streets and all alone
Nowhere to go, no one you know
You've got no money, got no job
You've got no future you can see
But do not despair...

When you're young and in your prime
No buddy can spare a dime
They won't spare, they don't care
Don't give you a second glance
They know you're alright...

This is your prime time
Without hardship or strife
This is your prime time
The best years of your life

It's a big, bad world waiting out there
It'll chew you up, it doesn't care
Sign reads "Young flesh required"
Just flash that smile and you're hired
Now they own you...

Out on the streets, part of a team
A stab in the dark - something obscene
You got more than you bargained for
And no doctor can make you clean
But never forget...

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"Take A letter, Ms. Brennan"

To whom it may concern
(i.e. those who never learn)

I've had enough
I'm out of here already
— For me no more being fenced in (by sin)
Your futility drugs cannot win
This war on what you want but never get has gone too far
Stand up for your rights
— Eroded even as I speak
For this is no time to be weak
Reap the benefits of the state before it's too late
Make no mistake, bleed dry the community blood lake
There is no incubus, you're wide awake
No more nightmare red scare -be aware
But above all don't forget to care
— Too many never do or dare

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The Story Of My Life

When you came into my life
You meant nothing to me
So what did you do or say to turn my head?
Now my mind's full of wild ideas
— What we can do together
You provide the trouble
And I'll provide the strife
That's the story of my life

I don't want to make things easy
I just want to survive
In this world where everything has its price
I don't beg for your forgiveness
Or seek any advice
Looks like it's me against the world (again)
And that's the story of my life

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An Attempted Suicide Writes...

He picks up the loaded gun and puts it to his head
He thinks of all the things that he did and said
He remembers all the good times
That have gone forever
Then he squeezes the trigger
Because he knows that he's better off dead

And I can hear a choir of angels
In a far, far better place
That's long since been forgotten in this world
They're singing of all the good times
He should have had in life
Considering all the aces that he held

But life's just not like that, old chum!
This ain't no cabaret
There's no rehearsal for the big one
This is it!
Horror and dismay, they may abound
If you let them
You've got to exorcise that dogma
Walk it on by me one more time
Life after all is for living
And not a sentence for your crime

He picks up the loaded gun and puts it to his head
A sordid smile for the taste of lead
He could drag up the good times
That he's lost forever
Now he's tugging on that trigger
And bullet text is easy read

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Out of the Lions' Den...

Daniel was an ugly boy
— No star of the show
With a hump upon his shoulders
He was that bell ringer we all know
Darkness fell long before
Out a wooing he'd go
Still he'd held more precious a thing
Than we could ever know

Half man, half jellyfish and half a packet of crisps
— He'd thrown three coins in the fountain
But never received his wish
Still he knew a beauty to behold
Such an exotic dish

If a tissue of lies is the depth of your soul
You may try with all your might
But never reach your goal
What is the point of pretence?
Just be yourself tonight
Tear off that mask
— Alright!

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Rambling Reflections

Sound out their method of destruction
Before you act
That was the instruction
Tactfully deploy in order to destroy
Then kiss your loved ones goodbye

Dolphiniums blue, you'll never find it now
— Your porpoise in life
A slug-wit within your ever decreasing salt circles
Resigned to recommit the failings of your four fathers
Doom, depravity, despair and destruction
The ultimate eruption

Holding back for all time
Kept at Armageddon's length
The inner strengths and weaknesses
Now bared for all to see
But I can never understand
The justification in your eyes
The lies and deceit of it all
Although I'm nobody's fool

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Rechabites Back

No, not, nothing at all
No consequence for me
I don't care if the sky falls in
It will not fall on me

Cocooned here in my sanctuary
Wrapped in cotton wool
I watch as fools' folly
(Endemic of humanity)
Twists and writhes, destroying
In its wake the subtlety of nature
Laid to waste

There is no room in your bizarre reckonings
For a sensitive soul such as I
If the world were to end tomorrow
Who would then mock the placard wielding zealots?
Not that I ever did
You see that's not my style
I leave it up to others
Better qualified in their bigotry
To shape and form my world
And I pay them for the privilege
Of keeping me free from the harm
Of using my own mind

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Fifty - 50

If half my life is spent - convinced that I love you
Then the other is,
Knowing that it could never be

It is not that we are dissimilar
Though I know of further from the truth
Living any kind of a lie is
"Simply not for me"

Others may be more shallow
But that is not for me to say
I am qualified only for self-appraisal

There are ways in which I move
Still mysterious to you
In all your tender years
And that's no fable

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The Impotence Of Being

Here I am, myself
Who else could I be?
Am I, then, not good enough for you
— King of all you survey
In your petty little mind?
The kind of fool you claim to despise
If only you could see through my eyes
— It's a different world

Where have you been?
Hiding all my life?
If it is true that we are slaves to fate
Then our lives have been lived
Awaiting this moment to arise
So do not let me down
Or if you must, please make it easy

Or then again, forget it!
Is it not better to be hoist by one's own petard
Than to fail on the deeds of others?

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(We Are) The Delphinoids

I - The Origin of Species.

Day by day the gulf in our
— By the inch, nurturing unrest
Never again will we see eye to eye
Yet are we not all children of Adam?
A `monkey trial' may prove your lineage — that's okay!
Drag your knuckles over the stony ground if you please
What, though, of the rest of us?
Atlantis — the ancestry is clear
A lost civilization may be nothing but myth
But surely you miss the point when constantly destroying your own
All beautiful people, descendants of the dolphins
As our brothers ruled the waves
So we charted the terran wastes
The watched on helpless as you raped the Eden of our soul

II - A Watery Grave.

The sensitive always suffer the most
So swim free, children of Neptune
Before the advance drives you down for all time
The complex structure of our society
— The envy of you all
Destroy all that you refuse to understand
Poisoned by your waste
Entrapped in your nets
Tortured and massacred
Sons of Nippon — let my people go!
Count the holocaust of it all and you may realise
You cannot thwart the progress through countless millennia
Without denying our very existence
Extinction is all you deserve
And that is too good for you still
— Murderous, barbaric, genocidal maniacs

III - Predicting the Future.

One day the universal frontiers will be pushed back
And in your greed filled state
Being able to plot your course and guide you there
It will make us worth our weight in gold
— If only in the black void of space
Only on solid ground can you reign
The rest is ours for the taking
Set us free at your peril
Marooned on your so called idyllic paradise
What will you do when our brothers return
To free us of your bonds?

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Divine Retribution

The sun goes down on another day
So I awake with no time to rest and play
I rise from my two-by-four, fly posted bed
To prowl the streets
With God's invisible walkman clamped firmly to my head
You trifled with my afflictions
And turned my heart of stone to jelly
And I scream "I can't go on"

It's not alright, how
Will you cope now this sacred cow is
Stampeding all you knew before?
You showed me the door
Turned me loose
How much abuse do you think a soul can take?
Make no mistake
This is one thing no one can fake

Don't blame me if I am what I ate
You fed me, but now you can't relate
You can't see I'm the monster you created
Just as you can't see the light
And if God told me to kill you
Wouldn't that make it alright?
The hopes and fears of all your years
Are gathered here tonight

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Growing Pains

Destiny — a curious thing
Believe in fate, or not
You cannot escape the net
Of all that will befall you

You've changed, this much is clear
I know it has been hard
But there is so much of life
That you have yet to learn

I cannot help you here
It is not for you, my pupil to make
But I can help you with your homework
And correct your mistakes

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The Renovation Of A Lost Soul

I could sit and talk to you forever
And then some
But the world would simply pass us by
Besides, one can only labour to the point for so long

So I'll take my chance with others
Less worthy of the cause
And hope the walls are yet
To start crumbling down

Don't dismiss me as flippant
Or accuse me of being weak
Let's make no pretensions
I'd rather keep my tongue in cheek
Than have it lick the arse of convention
For the sake of keeping the peace

I know who I am
If you are in any doubt
Where have you been hiding?
Let the mental rout begin
Kick out the dead wood
Plant a new forest of hope

Begone foul, fetid wretch of ignorance
Your evil stench has for far too long
Stunted my growth
And blighted my very existence
Now is the time to get real
And strike out for a new deal

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To The Devil - A Door To Door Salesman

Speak out your mind to all
The evil of a generation
Confined within a single soul
Preach the twisted gospel
To anyone who'll listen
Hasten to add
You cannot differentiate
Between good and bad
Such innocence
You must be mad

Condemn with all your might
Still you cannot make me believe
That you are right
Your combined conviction
Against a solitary plight
The sole dissenting voice
In your cacophonous choir
Build high the funeral pyre of her career
That voice now only to fall upon deaf ears

You canvas for votes
And add to the score of misquotes
Distort the naked truth
Dress it up as your proof
From house to house
Your peddled filth
And prejudiced, draconian views
Are paraded as news

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Pagan Battle Hymn

Warlord of the nations
Conqueror of the skies
The ultimate killing machine
— Sing praise to him on high

He came down from the mountains
From his olympic ice capped peak
Destroying valleys, rivers, forests
The innocent and weak

Uniting all the peoples
He made them into one
Strong enough to rule the globe
All points under the sun

So raise a hearty cheer now
To Valhalla make a toast
A pact be made in blood
Pledge your allegiance to the host

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Piss Poor

"Not very good at all
Must try harder"
Said Father
"We never had much
But we always had each other"
Said Mother
"Just fuck right off
Leave me alone
I'm going to my room
"Do not disturb
— Madman/genius at work
Confine your petty bickering
To your own cloistered world of gloom
I've other avenues to explore
And before the night is through
Maybe you'll see the change
For better or for worse
You say you're not adverse to...
But if you could see me now
Holy smoked mackerel
God damned, cotton-picking cow
Hazy, crazy, spinning, swimming
Skipping, tripping, smoking, choking
Open the window
Then no hope
It's all downhill
The vultures move in for the kill
All is still

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Year One

Here you stand
A blind man
Master of all you survey
In control of your destiny
And you wouldn't have it any other way

Up pomposity
Your cup ranneth over
As Grimalkin's turgid waters broke
Dousing the flames of your desire

Gone but not forgotten
This barren wasteland stands
A razed, monumental paradox
To your lack of achievement

Ashes to ashen faced
Now we have laid this cadaver to rest
And dissected the power base of your collusion
No more to be fettered by your sense of collective guilt

Strike out
The brave new world cowers in the dark
How many does it take
To change the enlightenment bulb of universal understanding?

We are now at the edge
Of all that may befall us
Hold yout bated breath
And plunge into the maelstrom
That is all our futures

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Insight (How I write: 2)

Pick a word
Any word
Twist it round
Make it absurd
Distort its meaning
— That's my leaning
Tactile now intangible
Where once was sense
Not any more, e.g.

A super-Californian expat alluding oceans
Unwittingly deludes my train of thought and viz, devotions

Nuff said!

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A Harsh Lesson In Ergonomics

If people were only to speak
On subjects they knew something about
Oh how much quieter a place the world would be!

Alas and a lack of communication
This is your shirkers' paradise
With ablations mounting
The first cuts are never the deepest
Merely a foul taste of what is to come

Sand down the rough edge
Of all that confronts you
Jerusalem was never builded here
Without your planning permission; impossible
— You shat upon the man without a mission

Instead you created thie great abomination
In your own form
Where the rich get bitchier
And the poor abhor

And so it suits you, fine
So long as we tow the line
Stepping out meets with denial
And holding without trial

Beat down all into a pulp
And make them culpable of all your sin
Yes, this is your world
A round black hole of self indulgence
Where we just don't fit in

Life is not user friendly!

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Candid In Camera

No comment
Adverse publicity
Unearthing history
The sweet sensation
— No relation to this

The chalk and cheese cruet
Within its confines held
The pendular facets of your persona
For sale — a bruised and battered
Over inflated ego
With one none-to-careful owner

In the cool, calculated confines
Of your sanctuary
The mask slips
The witty quips
They fade and die
The bubble bursts
Your cover now forever blown
Home alone

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Music Weakly

My Lords, Ladies and gentlemen
It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you
In the red corner
The upright, uptight, left-wing
Play anywhere, sing anything
Son of someone on a string
And his opponent in the blue corner
The older, wiser, disrespected
Drug injected, all consuming
Baby booming, Tory voter, Bible quoter
And so it was that the two guitars clashed
And many were the (acid) casualties
On that day disfigured by the splintered cliches
And we will be back later to bring you the full time result

But before that a report
On the current state of the scene...

Yes indeed
The worst song ever will be written here today
By a man with a complex and a weird beard
(But it really doesn't matter that it's no good, to be sure
For his uncle had a hit once in Nineteen sixty-four)
And it'll go something like this...

"Come back Kylie, all is forgiven
The number one song all over Heaven
Is one of our angels is missing..."

Good pop songs are few and far between
And some of these lyrics are the worst I've ever seen
But it really doesn't matter to me
Between the Devil and the deep blue sea (groan)
I'm doing it and that's good enough for me

And the loser is...

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That Which Compares To You

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Voluntary Redundancy

When the last bomb has been dropped
And the final shots rung out
For whom no more the bell will toll
Only then and not before
May I rest east in my bed
And dream of a future other than yours

When no one has to beg for a crust of stale bread
Or steal a cardboard box
In which to rest their weary head
And our old folk and our children
Can walk the streets fearless and unmolested
I'll know my skill have been wisely invested

When the jobless queue no longer reaches Timbuctoo
And getting on your bike is as rare as a hunger strike
And false imprisonments on remand
Are not beaten black and blue
When the only drug is love
There's no fallout from above
And the creatures of the Earth — free
Can roam in more than two by twos

Still I've yet to add
When the sane aren't driven mad
And the train of an operation
Is not still standing at the station

When all disputes are resolved
By counting up to ten
And the quality of mercy is not strained
When all religions bow to the same sacred cow
And it never pours but only rains

When all this has come to pass
And there is no greener grass
I'll lay down my poison pen
And worry not again
But until then...

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Take, Take, Take

Oh how I wish I could be more like you
Striving for all you want
At any cost
Trampling all those in you path
With out a second thought
Who am I to stand in the way
Of your quest for satisfaction?

You want it, you got it
I just hope you're happy with it
But don't come running to me
When your last legs are broken
Your crippled mind tired
Of toying with other peoples' lives

I cannot stand and deliver you from evil
Till you repent. Don't ask me
As long as you represent
All that I resent
Forever and ever and ever
I won't be your friend

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Sleep — reciprocal to my dreams
All my hopes and fears
Elusive you are to me
Yet as crucial as the air I breathe
Throughout the years, love and hate
That has bee our relationship
You bring me down when I am high
Flying free as paper in the breeze
And hold me in your confines
Refusing to let you go until the night is through
In your gaol I languish
Deprived of all my senses
Only to emerge from your captive cocoon
When morning comes
Refreshed, awake to face another day

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Fairway To Heaven

With the siren of emotional
Still ringing in his ears

And screamed out through the pain of all the years

"You are my Jodie Foster
I'd kill presidents for you!"

And with this, the prime mover
Of the local golfing establishment expired
In a hail of lead
With a bullet hole in his chest
Big enough to drive a fore ball through

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From One Extreme...

You cannot expect to keep us here
Under your thumb, the living dead will rise again
Standing firm in your face of adversity
To keep control in spite of it all
Victory at any cost, a just expense

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Over And Over

The seeds of germination have been sown
Teutonic, dæmonic?
How long before we harvest them again
And send another generation to the wall?

I am but a single voice
For all I cannot speak
Yet I know there is nothing relished more
Than building people up
Just to knock them down again
So publicity to the cause I choose to seek

One man stood alone against the breeze
The harsh chilling factor
Of the wind of change
You can either bend with it
Or be snapped off at the knees

And if they knew
Just where he laid to rest
A shrine there would become
Reminding all what happens to the free

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1837 - 1901 Inclusive

A time for change and growth
Pushing back frontiers
You knew no bounds
And yet in some ways
Tighter than a drum

You are the kin I never had
Of my own blood
Yet that doesn't mean to say
Or rather, let me put it to you
In another way...
After all, you saw the film too

You are my Queen of the maybe
Maybe not, it's hard to say
But I would not have it
Any other way

Long may you reign

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Life is like a jigsaw
You spend what seems like forever
Piecing it together
Only to find there's a bit missing
By which time of course
It's too late to get a refund

Because the only receipts we always keep
Are those that remind us
Of misery and deceit
The good times — we just let them roll away
But still we complain
That vanity's been unfair
And the cost of living, it goes up again

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Middle Of The Road To Hell

Keep right on till the end of the road
Don't hesitate
Don't deviate
There can be no room for those
In our doctrine of hate

In subordination
And class integration
They have no truck with us

So press those embittered snouts
Hard against the grindstone
And ask for nothing more

After all
Is our mercy not enough?
In saving you from freedom
We've rid you of the tiresome task
Of thinking for yourselves

Mediocrity is everything
You cannot fail

Nothing ventured, nothing lost
Except your will to live a little
And you've long since forgotten
That it ever did exist

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Smiles Until Bedtime

Busy, busy, busy
Lord it all, contritely
Still dominate unfortunates
More wretched than yourself
Superior — irreverent
Where real life is concerned

Sleep tight
Rest easy in your bed
No danger lurks within
The purity of thought?

How come then I find
This wickedness
A-creeping up on me

Be vigilant
Remember he's always watching
You lace up the gloves
Prepare to fight
Return to box Pandora

It's mawkish in this bitter slumberland!

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Web Of Intrigue

Through the trap door I spied her
Black widow — mourning
The death of her mother earth
Sold down the old swanee
Playing pooh-pooh Styx
With human lives

So I made my appointment with fear
Kept putting it off
But to no avail
I said I'd wait
When the time came...

She kept me hanging
On the end of her silken thread
Dancing with both feet in the air
To her every whim
Like some mad, bulging-eyed puppet

No time left to abandon any hope
That I may have once possessed
Long before I entered here
Now all that I have left
Is this abject sense of terror
And a hitherto undiscovered threshold of fear

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Near To The Madding Crowd

Jo' lived his entire life in fear
In the fear that he was being followed
One day, plucking up his Dutch courage
He confronted his mystery peruser
In the sports and leisure section
Of a large department store
Hitting them for six
With an at hand cricket bat
And that was that

Dear old G.B.S. didn't say to Lady A
That like flowers
So he also admired children
But he confessed no burning desire
To cut off their heads
And display them
About the place in bowls
Sadly, Hal held no such qualms!

Now both Hal and Johan
Are sitting here today
With neither halo or horns to guide you
Can you pick them out?

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Prissy Polly

You were always a saint
In my eyes
In this lifetime, sadly
You never get canonised
The only thanks you get
Is being fired

It's no ball you know
Attending to the infirm and weak
With no gratitude except
Humble praise from the meek

It's not everybody's cup of tea
You know
But we each try to give a little
The envelopes and posted notes
They jar the conscience, buried
Deep within our memories' midst

Well, it's as I said
The other day
And it must be true
Because I heard them say...

Living decent lives
Keeps us out of harms reach
So to the plebian hoard
Confine, please
Your parrot-fashioned preachers
And social climbing over-reachers

We are a breed apart
Don't you know
Being superior means
That we need have no heart

You go about your business
While we look down
On you
It's a thankless task
Thank God
We'll never have to live like you

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Unhealthy Options

Well, it's like this
You see
The choice it may be yours
But we control all the options
Which ever way you turn
There's nothing new to learn
That hasn't already met with our approval

There's no such thing
As making a clean break
You still end up in casualty
With waiting time approximately nine months
It doesn't take a specialist
In any field to see
Abortion came to late
At more than fifteen-hundred weeks

So what do you make of it all?
"Life's a game of just one half, Brian
Seventy years plus extra time
One way — down hill"
A slalom of disparity and disrespect
Where the only certainty is death
It's when and where that's dependent
On the passing of the test

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Test Mismatch Maker

Did you see?
Well, no actually
So that explains it all
If the extent of your vision
Is the end of your own nose
Then there's a whole world out there
You will never infect
Good thing too!

Your flimsy moral fibre
And Jerry built, pseudo-sense
Of Catholic guilt
It may cause lesser mortals
To wither and to wilt

But here you've met your match
How was it for you?
Caught out and bowled over
But never mind
It was an unhealthy innings

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The List Is Endless

The shape of things to come
How can you be so sure
Everyone will see things as you do?

Let me explain
In order to take over
Subtlety is required
Tomorrow is already here today

It's easy really
Slavery nineteen-nineties style

Eventually it will come
No one escapes the net
Do not underestimate their power
Lest we do forget
Every so many years
Spin that wheel
Someone, somewhere...

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Canary In A Coalmine

Mixing business with pleasure
It's a measure of your worth
And a recipe for disaster
If you act in haste
And repent at your leisure
You'll never know the gentler side of life

Taking time out
Is like a deep breath of fresh air
To the stanch filled lungs
Of blind ambition

Driving up a cul-de-sac
At ninety miles per hour
Will ensure that all your futures
Come at once
But if you want appreciation
Better step off that gas
And take an extra hour out to lunch

However, we know
You're the right man for the job
Now it's up to you
To get out there and prove it
Someone has to dirty their hands
And it might as well be you

And if conditions are not all
We crack them up to be
You'll be the first to know
And that's for sure

A troubleshooter
Happy in your work
Never known to hit
Wide of the mark
Taking it all to personal
— The double-fault of your game
Relax, after all
It's just business

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