On And On And On And On And...

The mostly lyrical musings of Kevin Mitchell, 8 — 26 March 1991.


24 Caret

About Face
Asinine To Five


Den Of Antiquity

Get A Load Of This

Humble Pie And Mash

Intestate Generation
In The Spotlight
Into The Mouths Of Babes

Katherine Of Arrogance

Militant Dependancy
More Variations On A Theme

Nowhere Fast

Off The Wall
One For The Boys
One Last Time

Poetic Injustice
Poetic Polemic

Religion: The Ultimate Hypocracy

Sequel Free
Spring-Heeled Jacks

Take That
The Curse Of The Verse
The Acid Test
The Long And The Short Of It
The Strife Of Reilly
Time Flies By (When You're Being Driven Insane)
Toke 'n' Gesture

Visually Impared Adoration

When Worlds Collide
Where The Heart Isn't
Where The Sun Never Sets



More Variations On A Theme

It's not easy being a square peg
Especially in a world long since proved round
Every day the abrasion continues
Taking the edge off your existence
Till one day, unwittingly your niche is found
— A dunce with no corner left in which to hide
Nothing to cling to except respectability in their eyes
And your own demeaning sense of foolish pride

So, I've said it all before!
Does that undermine the value of the written word?
There is nothing bad in that
Some things should never be ignored
So I'll say it one more time
And then move on to pastures new
"Watch out, or ethical deforestation will get you"

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Poetic Injustice

A new beginning
Time to start afresh
Unfurl the flag of greater understanding
No more going off at a tangent
From now on straight to the point
— It's for the best

But wait a minute
Should compromise rule the roost?
Am I to draw in my literary horns
In order that others' egos are boosted?
— A moot point indeed

Before the shy and retiring jury
Consider their verdict
Would they care to cast an open ear
To this plea from the defence?

I cannot help but look at the
Through my non-rose-tinted glasses
The sun it does not emanate

— In my opinion

So as a direct result
Of my long since corrupt perspective
I take things out of context
And place them in my own selected
— Scenarios, anything goes

If rhyme patterns
Do not materialise
Before my eyes
They do not well up with tears
In remembrance of the long years
Spent toiling at this art
If I am to play a part
On my own terms be it

Now let the guilty judgement be proclaimed
And make the sentence life
— A long and prosperous one at that

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Off The Wall

Let us clean up the streets
And put the graffiti back where it belongs
In the minds of dispirited youth
Action speaks louder than words
"Smash the cistern" — moronic, yet ironic
Take a pregnant pause for thought
Then stick another pun in the oven

Papering over the cracks
In the edifice of capitalism
Then stabbing knives in their backs
Will not create a cataclysm

Politics — the rhetorical bugbear of our culture
Sits in judgement over us
Like some vulture
Waiting for our passion to expire
And relinquish any burning desire for change
So sad, so strange!

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Sequel Free

You've read the book
And seen the film

And be content
The opportunity
Too good to miss

Heaven sent

Don't hesitate
Before you act
Or stop to reconsider
The choice cuts
Always are tendered
To the highest bidder

The flim-flam man
He bought your soul
And sold it
Down the river
Now to the bottom
Of the consequence barrel
You slither

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Toke 'n' Gesture

Up yours
I've filled my lungs
Now pass it on
The ever growing clouding of the mind
Continues, until
— The only opinions voiced
Are jaded by delusion

Who, what, when, where, why?
How come it's always too late?
Too little is done
As if it were meant to be

Persecute the feeble few
While the massed ranks fill their boots
And file accusatory looks.
One law for the morally enriched
But none for those who score

A poor showing indeed
Retorts all
Firmly entrenched in the murky mire
A stomach for more important issues
Is a taste they'll never acquire

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You are my catalyst
Converting raw talent
Into channelled thought

Is it, though
Really doing
What you ought?

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Poetic Polemic

I wish I was whistling Dixie
Looking far away from this Euro-Disneyland
Soon to be inaugurated
Much larger than we think

This full scale inefficient working model
A parody of great civilizations
Lost in the midst of time
Whose history were rewritten by their victors

Our ancestors
Cultural molesters of countless generations
Designed to their own ends
The boundaries of the nations
Until rebuked
By those embittered by the devastation

Nowadays we are all unwitting participants
In the Golden Age of the new imperialism
Recreated for the benefit of those
Who missed out first time around
Pandora's retarded offspring
— Scourge of the Northern Hemisphere

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The Long And Short Of It

I write
You wrong
I weak
You strong
I deep
You shallow
You lead
I follow
You twist
I turn
I teach
You learn
I give
You take
You destroy
I make
I truth
You lie
I live
You die

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Take That

"Flowery mirth filled twaddle"
With my verse you meddle
Awarding praise when none is due
Deriding worth with wit untrue

Disagree if you must, but
Never destroy — it demeans trust

The sorcerer's apprentice
Takes up the chalice
To his lips

Of rancorous quips

Before drawing a deep
Exasperating breath
His aim to break
Your strength of will
And impediment
Metaphysical death

Too good to not be forgotten
What more can I say?
Who'll mourn your overdue decline
And parting of the ways?

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The Strife Of Reilly

Born on a day
When the sun didn't shine
The stormy clouds were gathering
No divine intervention

To the false pretension

Raised upon high
Too weak to laugh
Too tough to cry
Pushed, poked and prodded
In the direction
Of the least insurrection

Schooled of thought
The doctrine —
Overtly embellished
Taking up the challenge
Something seldom relished

Laboured not of love
Necessity called all the shots
Then gradually
Before it was known
The rot set in
Waiting, it crushed ambition
And the only chance was blown

Retired of struggling
Slumped, lowly in a corner
Of the World's stage
Progress by-passed
Your heart of the matter —
Fatuitously inevitable

Died in the woolly
Meandering of post-functional care
Left brazenly to bear
The declining standard
Once held on high —
The social vanguard

Buried cherry ripe
For the slim picking
Of the sum remainder
Divisional, added subtractions
Multiply the interest
In your interment

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Where The Heart Isn't

Home —
Where denizens expire
Never having reached their goals

Of opaque goldfish bowls

To bigger
And better things
Everyone aspires
But acceptance
Is a bitter taste
That very few acquire

Dire consequence
Befalls all who attempt
To break the mould
Below the waterline
The ship of fools
Is holed

Plunged to new depths
Of disdain
There evermore to remain
No escape. The dark
Devoid of all
The foetid foundations maul

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Militant Dependency

Tough cluck!
This chicken has come home to roost

And to hatch an evil plan

Oh, here I come again

I know it hurts
But I just had to bite off the hand
The hand that spoon fed me my just deserts
So if you can't swallow that
(And it's a tough act to follow)
You better take a step back

From it all
I can but draw my own conclusion
I conclude it should all be put down to a bad experience
In a previous life
(And if re-incarnation smells a bit iffy to you
Who knows where it will end?

Right here, actually!

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Humble Pie And Mash

I'm sorry —
Just a throw-away remark
By me
A casual expression —
To see you with not so many clothes on
As I'm used to

Rejection —
A skin reaction
Made your flesh (and bones)
Crawl back home to mother
And take the best part of me as well
(Though it wasn't very large)

I thought I was made up
I was spruced up
But deep in my heart of oak
I was pining for things as they once were

Those days are now gone for good
And I would except things as they are
But you still drive me crazy
Without a car I roam the bus routes
Your timetable etched on my brain
Hoping for the briefest of glimpses —
Anything to see you again

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The Curse Of The Verse

The curse of the verse
Gets worse

Reactions are terse

Upon a body
Lethargic and shoddy

Tumbling blindly
The sum —

Of its requisite parts
Unsuitable for the faint of heart

And given vows
But I retract nothing
You can take it all away

Six feet under, never again to see the light
But the daises it will push up
They'll steal your thunder

The curse of the verse

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Into The Mouths Of Babes

Razor sharp witted acid drop outs
Their heads stuck up the butt
Of their sickest joke of all
Cuss and mock
Dismiss out of hand
Without offering any answers
Of their own. Fools

The rules by which this game is played
Are all too simple
To understand just look around
Screw yourself out of the ground
Pick up thine bed and walk
To where you can rest easy

Meanwhile — back at the nest
The cuckolded offspring
Make a fledgling bid for freedom
And plummet
Passing all their hopes and dreams
On the way down
A last gasp then reunited
To die as one

Dining out in style —
It's a million miles from this
Bite the bullet or whatever
Wear this —
Tougher than shoe leather
Sharper than a knife
Cutting both ways
It's your money
Or my life

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One For The Boys

Last night an old friend came to my door
After the initial shock
And the drawing back of the locks
I let him in

We spoke long and hard
Reminisced of times gone by
How we'd broken all the vows we'd made
And why
All the sin and sordid acts
The fiction and the facts
On money spent on things you cannot buy

We talked of pederasty
And drank Asti —
Not a good year
But none is when they beat you down
And call you queer

Forgot what it's like to have respect
Since I came out in style
A smile is all it takes
We're told it's just the breaks
But getting plastered has no style
I haven't ventured astray
For many a gay day
Once they get their clause into you
You're scared for life

So on this sad note we parted
Said we must meet again —
Half-hearted, don't know when
I locked him out and me in
And retired to bed —
Just in time
For the recurring nightmare
To begin

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Den Of Antiquity

Should auld acquaintance
In this quaint country fayre
We relive at ev'ry opportunity
Past glories long since gone by

With nothing to look forward to
Hindsight is a must
Fall back on ancient conquests
Britannia ruled the waves —
Now we are all slaves to a fate
That is in someone else's hands —
Our best plans lain to waste

Good times — we must have had a few
But try as I might, I can't recall
Far between they must have been
Too brief the encounters
Black and white and faded memories
The dog-earmarked reminders
Of a better life

A human scrapbook
Cut out and pasted in the order of another
Rank and defiled, nose turned up skywards
Stinking to high Heaven
Brothers all — join hands
There's a whole new world in them
If you want

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Visually Impaired Adoration

Following in your footsteps
With my bucket and spade
Digging up the turf to take home and worship
It is hardly a fit way to carry on

I don't usually agree, on principle
With living icons
But in your case
I'm prepared to make an exception

A worthy investment in human nature
You were somebody's energy well spent
Your space, rent free from natural constraint
You are everything that I perspire to be
But sometimes sweat just isn't enough
Blood and tears, they must be given as well

This is the soft co-option
Joining up the dots of our acquaintance
(If only in my mind)
I'm seeking to find...

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The Acid Test

The wrong end of the stick
Be careful how you grasp it!

Accidents will happen
And one day they surely did
But it's not always yourself you must convince
So sure enough, eventually they came
And took the little chap away
Preaching to the convicted of their sins

Waving goodbye
Would he ever see them again
From pillar to post and back
Examined, the cold steel cuts to the quick
Until the disfigurements are greater
Than any known before

So now a new home must be found
Where you can fit in
Dazed and confused
The colour of your skin
Not as important as the bits missing
With no time to check
A quick peck on the cheek of it
Consigned, just another number and name
Then filed lost
So no on takes the blame

When blunder is discovered
And the flack flies, duck for cover
Mothers grab lovers
Sisters their brothers
(Then it starts all over again)

This was a happy home
For many a month indeed
For trial and error of judgement
There was no need
But if you court publicity
Then publicly you have a case to plead
Not guilty of being held a responsible mentor

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Asinine To Five

We don't know where we're going
But we get there anyway
It's that fear of not understanding
Which prevents us going astray

Keep to what you know
You know I don't mind the carrot
But I can't take the stick
Any more than you can
Though you'll never admit to it

Grovel and scrape for the master
Fetch and carry for the dame
And bow to the little boy
That lives down the lane

Backwards and forth till nothing is achieved
Merely amassing the ranks of the aggrieved
You take the high (and mighty) road
But I'll make the inroads
And I'll be in purgatory afore ye

You see Life's nothing
But an uphill struggle
Until you reach your peak
Then it's down, down, downhill
All the way
Or so they say

Make the most of the short time
While you're at the top
Because all you've to look forward to
Is taking that drop
And I can't see the bottom
Through this telescope of mine
But the pit is ever calling
To those less than divine

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(To be printed in the phonetic alphabet)

A neat little rhyme to prove a point
A phonetics exercise, flexing the muscles of the mind
A syntactical offence against the principles of grammar
Designed to plague your patience and throw a spanner
In your works, if it does correctly
And knowing me it will
By the time you've finished reading this
Your brain is feeling ill

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Katherine Of Arrogance

Men! Who needs them?
Now the principle of birth is
Verging on the ridiculous
It's time to make an issue

With your head on the chopping block
You might well know your onions
But that's your lot all the same
The cloven hooves of disapproval canter apace
Condemning the arrival

Step back to the cave mentality
No room for technical advance
Search in vain to find archaic grounds
Basis of your sub-stance

Praying — on your mind
Adding another string to your bow
A flagrant disregard for the teachings — so
When the chips are down
And the fryer fat needs changing
Look before you leap
Into the controversy raging

Should infinity be required to look beyond
The outrage
To grasp the facts of matter hidden
Deep within the page?

That it is — neither here nor there
You can form your own opinion
Never having known the truth

An unpopular misconception

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Spring-Heeled Jacks

Step forward tradesmen all
Don't knock the opportunity that calls
Indulge this latest racket
And make yourself a packet —
An untidy little sum born of the tendency of man
To create in order to destroy
Their latest golden boy

In through the out door
Any amount you care to name
Of arms and drugs and industry
And no one takes the blame
Until discovery's made
Then to waste all is laid

Destroyed in order to recreate
The blinkered bluff of hatred
Concealing truth till it's too late
By which time your number's up —
Condemned to the political scrapheap

Of course, we'll still call you that in private
No one else need know
Where the rebuilding programme stems from
You can pay us back in time
When we call in the favour
With some dehumilitarian crime

It's business (of politics) as usual

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Ideally I would not be sitting here
And the teams of wild horses
Employed to drag me from my slumber
Merely nightmares of fragmented incantation

Purposefully still, raging controversy
Enamoured with biting wit
The raconteusive gesture added
To the pile, one more log
On the fire, the pervasive inferno
Out of control, consuming all

Rising phoenix-like from the ashes
To strike yet another body blow
Making six pints spilt
With another two to go
Liquid refreshment resuscitates
Invigorates, necessitates
The passing of another sun setting

In the east of life we are in west
All encompassing fingers of guilt point
As one totem to the sky
Heavens above!

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Time Flies By (When You're Being Driven Insane)

Another wasted week at an end
There was no time to laugh or cry
And yet looking back, nothing was achieved
How did so much time pass idly by
In an impassioned yawn and the twinkling of a blind eye?

Seven days older, my heart grew bold
Yet yours much colder
It's one step forward
And another two beyond the pale of insignificance
Entwines, then having signed us
Contracted pythonesque

Crushed spirits all round
On the rocky road to nowhere
This thinly veiled abode
Sandwiched in between
The better part of valour
And the opiate pipe-dream

"The best is yet to come"
I keep telling myself
It's the method in my madness
To help me plod along
Through the mundane drudgery
The subliminal pain barrier
Like some cynical plague carrier
"Be strong"

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Oh boy
Today I read the news
And have I got one for you
It wasn't even on page three
(Over exposure all the same)
Handle this crank
Turning an over engineered belief
Kick-starting into touch
Logic equals grief

Look on his works ye mighty and disparage
Push-button social insecurity
Pollution of the mind
Will be the downfall of us all
No new age Nostradamus
Giving us six more years
Can turn this tide of tears

God is not good (sic)
Don't let me be misunderstood
Brothers and sisters unite
Join hands all
The ring of global confidence can protect us
In this dark hour of need
it's there if you want it
Don't be blinded by the greed

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Intestate Generation

All this will be yours one day
What is left untainted
Come the day of judgement
Won't be worth a hoot!

Let's make the most of it
While we can
You use up every last resource
In settlement —
Divorced from the clinging vestiges of reality
There is no clarity
Unseen to the naked eye
We can but do our best
When tested to the full

Have you lost the will to let your kindred live
Anything except the harshest of existence?
Who, but the most brutal of sadists
Would want to bring a child
Into this barren wasteland we call home
Yet never fight to make it a better place

Squandered — the inheritance of our birth right
The family of man's heirloom
Smashed by your frenzied Luddite stance
Let the attitude change
Or there will be no advance

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About Face

Speaking without words
Falling on deaf ears
The blind leading the blind
On another trail of tears

Twisting and a turning
Sliding down the snakes
That entwine the ladders
Waiting for mistakes we make

Tumbling to the bottom
Piling on the pressure
Crushing those below
Repenting at their leisure

No time to reflect though
It all happens so fast
One moment standing at the top
Next in the wilderness cast

Relying on no one
Creating your own pace
Always turning the other cheek
The way to last the race

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Where The Sun Never Sets

Come fly with me
Let's fly, let's fly
Over the hills and far away
To the land where no one knows
The full extent
Suffering not to be circumvent

Sweep it under the carpet
(And with any luck)
If the bulge is not too great
We've no need to create

Fussing, making a scene
Just to get things seen
Obscenity itself

The elephant men of politics
Distorted by banality
Pachydermatous on all policies
Deny alleviation
As not within their grasp
With their grey suit mentality
It's no less than the truth
(For once!)

Basking in the radiant glow
With no time for sob stories
To them it's ever onward
What's so many death or glories
When they dictate the run of play?
Involving all, to great dismay
In their sick little games
Unimportant, save for the fact
They're destroying all our lives

When we live in the civilised world
What hope for the rest?

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When Worlds Collide

Surely, but not so slowly
Our future's grinding to a halt
The entropic advancement gaining ground
'Tll one day...

As fast as we create
The quicker we destroy
The law of diminishing
Returns to haunt us
In to an early grave situation

We sent things up too often
Now this is the comedown
All that's said will be done
Too late for a final turnaround

In decline we pick up speed
Careering down the hill
On a non-stop collision course
Fate moves in for the kill

One by one dreams awake
Till no more do exist
In the cold light, reality
It takes a subtle twist

As Earth spins off its axis
Making universe unsteady
When will all this begin?
Hasn't it already!

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24 Caret

Solid gold (...), twenty four, (carat)
The like of (...) never seen before. (which)
An omission (...) every line, (on)
(...) Making sense to you in time. (still)
Yet is it (...) all clever, (at)
Or am I (...) pseud? (merely)
But surely this (...) better (is)
Than (...) something crude (concocting)
Or smutty? (...) My plans (in)
The (...) intention to make (sole)
(...) Minds putty in my hands. (your)
(...) In order to do that (and)
I have to maintain (...) attention (your)
For long enough that you can (...) (truly)
Ponder (...) my invention. (over)
So what do you (...) think (really)
Of this (...) experiment (bizarre)
Is it something you (...) relate to (can)
In (...) fullest extent? (its)
Or (...) another excuse (just)
For me to (...) drone? (lengthily)
So now as I approach (...) conclusion (my)
I'll leave you to (...) your own (draw)
Without shattering (...) illusion. (the)

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Religion: The Ultimate Hypocracy

When expounding the alleged virtues of ecclesiastical experience it is conveniently ignored that in spite of all the preaching in furtherance of peace and harmony, religion today is, as it always has been, a major source of trouble and strife in the world.

To be perfectly frank, religions only exist as we know them because somebody invented them. Shadow people clutching at straws before the pulpit of life, making themselves slaves to the alter and seeking absolution for their wretched existences achieves nothing, except creating delusions of extreme grandeur (and lots of money) for the appropriate godhead and the lesser living icons of their ilk. In essence all making people aware of differing denominations can do is divide them and set man against his fellow brothers and sisters: and does not it just? Has human nature not developed a myriad of methods by which to ostracise without creating any more?

True to form, we in the ‘civilised world’ had to contrive the most pious and patronising dogma. Since its inception we have expended countless years and lives spreading the word – in our own inimitable fashion – to the pagan hoardes.

In the light of this I find the attitude that in order to be perceived as an upstanding worthy member of society one must be (seen to be) a Christian – a distasteful doudle-standard and the justification that one must behave so in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven the zenith of ulterior motivation. Would a person not act so otherwise? If yes, then why bother to waste so much time and money on worship when it could be spent far more effectively outside the church confines – engaged in direct action instead of praying for some divine intervention; if not then that surely would make them lower than the serpent that slithers on its belly.

How then can any inroads be made into this ill-founded establishment without being pilloried or accused of blasphemy? Well, if you are satifsied with your own life as it is, why bother? After all, there is no point in preaching to the converted (sic.), and as far as overt displays of religious zeal are concerned: surely a lifetime spent languishing under some misguided belief is enough a cross for any one  to bear?

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Get A Load Of This

I've written more lines
Than you've had hot dinners, son!

Sit down! I've only just begun

What gives you the right
To misplace me in the wrong?
With your self, self, self ideals
That keep all power for the strong

It's the weak, week in, week out
Who are in need of constant aid
No place decent thinking minds
For wealth forever displayed

Each substance and bullet sold
Condemns another child to death
And for every thought released
Twice as many are suppressed

So if filth, squalor and pestilence
Are your idea of fun
Then you need look no further
For tomorrow, it has come

Early to bed and early to rise
To the bait
Fills the soul
With deceit, corruption and lies

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Death is Nature's way of telling you
"You're not such an arrogant bastard now"
The last great leveller known to man

Eventually some clever Dick
Will find a way around
Sure enough, it has to happen
But not in my lifetime

So I'm stuck with the dwindling years
I have left before me (sigh!)
Not much time to make
The kind of monumental impression
I've always had in mind

Here I am then
Doomed to spend my days
Knowing I'll never make it to the top
Of any chosen profession

If anything is to be learnt from this
It must be you're never to young
To realise your dreams
But sure as Hell one day
You'll be to old

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In The Spotlight

It's a mystery to me
There's so much we cannot see
Yet take for granted
Is this by choice or poor design?
Another ploy to tow the line
And take it easy

What comes naturally to me?
Doing things in honesty
All of a sudden life catches up
And pulls the plug, then down the hole
Onto the block, then heads will roll
Away the stone

Then all the years, they pile on
You feel the heat; the burning sun
Charring the flesh and bleaching bones
No place to run or direction home
And all is lost

A bleak outlook
Nonetheless true, a cut and dried remark
From the crew, acting overboard
As usual — business is business
Through and through

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Nowhere Fast

The end in sight
Not much more to go
Full steam ahead
No going slow

Pedal to the mental corruption
In full flight
Turning every day to blackest night
A void, no possible alternative
Time to take stock of initiative

But the cupboard is bare
Mother, no amount of hubbub
Can pout things right
When the point of no return is reached
And the barricades are breached
Once more my friends, once more
Down, down, down and out

I bet you have some smug answer
No doubt about that
If there's one thing I can rely on
You're where it's at
So come on then, have out with it you
And let's be done with all back in situ

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One Last Time

Regaining composure
Attempting to win you over
This act is real
No small amount of big deal
Required to increase my appeal

In the primary I admit I've had bad press
Was it all fault of my own?
Anyone's guess is not as good as yours
In my book
But, since I wrote it
I'm not impartial to being biased

If you're the highest
Then that equates me as
Well, not exactly the lowest of the low
But I've still got a long, long way to go
Before I can shine up there, also
A star twinkling down
On this not so tinsel town metropolis

Ramshackle in all crucial aspects
What euphoric state of bliss
Hopes to exist here?
Where a certificate of birth
Cannot buy a plot of earth
Enough to lay to rest
When you've failed with your best

But do not cry
The shedding of tears — strictly forbidden
In all my years, kept hidden
Perhaps for too long
The image of strength is strong
Only underneath the vulnerability
Abounds and leaps
To your every unabating whim

This policy of emotional unilateral disarmament
Has gained ground only by the inch
So in the face of overwhelming odds and sods
I surrender unconditionally to your irresistible force
Without a pinch

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